A comprehensive set of advanced Flex visualization displays

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Data Analysis Dashboard

IBM® ILOG® Elixir® Enterprise provides a full spectrum of advanced graphical displays on Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR platforms for the most demanding line-of-business applications. Developers can easily take advantage of the many Flex visualization displays to create applications that are functionally sound and visually appealing using customizable graphical components. Applications benefiting from incorporating these graphical displays may include network and business process monitoring, real time dashboards, scheduling and project management displays.

IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise provides:

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A comprehensive set of advanced Flex visualization displays

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Operating SystemSoftwareHardware

Fedora 12 x86-32

Ubuntu 9.10 x86-32

Mac OS:

X 10.6 Leopard x86-32


Windows 7 Enterprise x86-32
Windows 7 Home Premium x86-32
Windows 7 Professional x86-32
Windows 7 Starter x86-32
Windows 7 Ultimate x86-32
Windows Vista Basic x86-32
Windows Vista Business x86-32
Windows Vista Enterprise x86-32
Windows Vista Home Premium x86-32
Windows Vista SP1 Business x86-32
Windows Vista SP1 Enterprise x86-32
Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate x86-32
Windows Vista SP2 Business x86-32
Windows Vista SP2 Enterprise x86-32
Windows Vista SP2 Ultimate x86-32
Windows Vista Ultimate x86-32
Windows XP SP3 Professional x86-32
For development:

Adobe Flex SDK 4.5

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 (or later) integrated development environment

For desktop deployment:

Adobe AIR 2.6

For browser deployment:

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 (or later)
• Disk space: 200MB for installation

See for yourself how the power of IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise offers a full set of advanced graphical displays for developers working with Adobe® Flex® and Adobe AIR™.

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