Improve productivity with social document collaboration

IBM® Docs is a socially enabled online office productivity suite that makes it easier than ever for teams to collaboratively create and edit word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents in real time. Key collaborative services such as co-editing, file management, and contextual commenting are built right in to the editing process. IBM Docs can reduce the review and re-work cycles often associated with creating team-based business documents.

IBM Docs can help you:

Significantly improve productivity

Support both Microsoft Office and Open Document

Reduce IT costs

Work seamlessly with Apache OpenOffice

Provide choice and flexibility in deployment

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Improve productivity with social document collaboration

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Online office productivity suite for more efficient document collaboration

IBM® Docs V1.0.6 takes web-based online office productivity to a new level. This socially-enabled suite of products allows teams to share, create, edit and review word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents online together or as individual team members. IBM Docs integrates with IBM Connections v4.5 and v5.0, supporting both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice file formats.

IBM Docs V1.0.6 enhancements include:


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