Empower marketing teams to build contact strategies and execute campaigns

With IBM® Distributed Marketing, local marketing teams have a simple but powerful way to access to all potential marketing campaigns run out of headquarters that are relevant to their territories. IBM Distributed Marketing also lets marketers in the field create their own campaigns tailored to local conditions, subject to rules and best practices specified by headquarters.

Empower your marketing teams while ensuring they follow best practices and standards set by you at headquarters. And monitor field marketing, measure it, learn from it rapidly and apply lessons learned throughout the marketing organization.

Create simple lists

Execute your own campaign

Select campaigns relevant to corporate

Utilize informative calendars

IBM Distributed Marketing enables local marketing teams – field marketers, branches, stores, local agents, etc. to control and influence marketing efforts in their territory in three ways:

IBM Distributed Marketing resources

IBM Distributed Marketing

Visually explore customer data, identify opportunities, and take action immediately

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