Automatically dispose of information with no legal, regulatory or business value

The IBM® Defensible Disposal solution improves information economics through automatic and continuous disposal of huge volumes of unneeded information. Now you can develop a fact-based system for measuring, modeling and improving information economics to reduce the cost of information storage, optimize the value of information and improve alignment among business, legal and IT stakeholders. The IBM Defensible Disposal solution helps organizations determine what information is valueless and can be deleted, using defensible disposal decisions that are efficiently executed.

Product editions:

Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management: Communicates discovery information automatically between IT and legal staff.
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Atlas eDiscovery Process Management: Automates legal holds, collection and audit processes.
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Disposal and Governance Management for IT: Helps defensibly dispose of data, link legal obligations to information assets and reduce the cost and burden of eDiscovery.
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Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management: Delivers a single retention management system with integrated workflows and analytics.
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StoredIQ Suite: Helps organizations understand and analyze data in-place, identify relevant subsets and apply appropriate corporate policies.

IBM acquires StoredIQ Inc.

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