Create, maintain and modernize applications on IBM i

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IBM® Rational® Developer for i is an integrated development environment (IDE) built on the Eclipse platform. Designed for creating and maintaining applications on IBM i systems, it resides on the developer’s desktop, supporting development in both host-connected and disconnected modes.

The three editions of IBM Rational Developer for i represent the evolutions of products previously marketed under the following names: IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software RPG and COBOL Tools for i, IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software Power Tools for i, and IBM Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction.

Rational Developer for i helps derive more value from software development resources.

Increased developer productivity

Increased business agility

Increased team efficiency

Flexible packaging

All three editions of Rational Developer for i include tools to support C, C++, CL, DDS, and SQL development on IBM i:

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Create, maintain and modernize applications on IBM i

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Accelerate development for IBM i

IBM® Rational® Developer for i® versions 9.1.x are based on Eclipse level 4.2.2. The latest version is 9.1.1. It builds on the extensive new functionality delivered at 9.1.0.

Version 9.1.0 introduced these new and enhanced capabilities, among many others:

Version 9.1.1 now introduces:

For links to additional details about what’s new, visit the Rational Developer for i Product Evolution page


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