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  • Simplifies query and reporting tasks.
  • Allows users to create and run QMF objects with a Java enabled browser
  • Provides capability for visualizing data spatially and with charts.

What's new in DB2 QMF V8.1

DB2 QMF V8.1 — IBM's biggest QMF release — transforms business data into a visual information platform for the entire enterprise with visual data on demand. Highlights of this release include:

  • Support for DB2 Universal Database® V8 functionality including DB2 Cube Views, long names, Unicode, and enhancements to SQL
  • The ability to easily build OLAP analytics, SQL queries, pivot tables, and other business analysis and reports with simple drag-and-drop actions
  • Visual information appliances such as executive dashboards that offer rich interactive functionality specific to virtually any information need
  • A database explorer for easily browsing, identifying, and referencing database assets

DB2 QMF for WebSphere, a tool that lets any Web browser become a low-maintenance thin client for visual on-demand access to enterprise DB2 business data

QMF for Windows quickly accesses and visualizes data and provides native connectivity to all DB2 workstation database platforms. With reporting, charting, spatial data mapping, support for Intelligent Miner (IM) scoring, and powerful scheduling and automation capabilities, beginners and experts alike can quickly develop the business intelligence they need and easily share it with others. QMF for Windows also provides browser-based querying, centralized administration, and server resource protection to minimize maintenance and cost of deployment. Any number of end users are allowed with a single license.

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