Modernize your DB2 utility management

IBM® DB2® Utilities Solution Pack for z/OS® combines advanced DB2 tools that enable you to more efficiently execute and manage DB2 utilities. It also helps to optimize the performance and resource utilization when running utilities. Using the solution, you can obtain the highest degree of DB2 utility performance, availability and flexibility while lowering your overall operational costs.

The DB2 Utilities Solution Pack for z/OS is comprised of the following capabilities:

The Autonomics Director for DB2 provides the framework for automating your DB2 utilities. With this capability, you can:

The Autonomics Director lets you determine which mode of autonomic processing you want to deploy:

The IBM Management Console for IMS and DB2 for z/OS provides a single, easy-to-use interface for managing IMS and DB2 systems and databases. The console consolidates information from multiple sources to display a more complete zEnterprise view of your systems and databases. Using the console with the Utility Solution Pack, you can:

Figure 1: Using the Management Console

Figure 1: Using the Management Console, you can view detailed information about your DB2 resources such as table spaces. This example shows symptoms and recommended actions for the table space. You can also obtain real-time statistics information to validate the symptoms and actions or to investigate statistical trends

Figure 2: DB2 Autonomics

Figure 2: DB2 Autonomics is controlled by managing the various profiles that define autonomic actions and the associated maintenance windows. This example shows a maintenance window that repeats at regular times every weekday.

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