Design and build single user desktop database applications

  • Provides innovative self-managing and self-tuning capabilities, dramatically reducing time and costs associated with managing database servers
  • Delivers industry leading support for Federated Web Services and XML
  • Based on open industry standards and is portable across industry pervasive platforms
  • Delivers advance business intelligence support through Multi-Dimensional Clustering (MDC) capability
  • Includes Development Center with tools to improve developer productivity in both Java and Microsoft environments
  • Supports integration with other IBM software such as Lotus for collaboration, Tivoli for management and WebSphere for dynamic e-business.

What's New in DB2 9.1?

DB2 V9.1 is the next-generation hybrid data server with optimized management of both XML and relational data.

Enables information as a service:

  • Efficient XML data store
  • Schema flexibilty
  • Seamless integration with relational data
  • XML document integrity preserved

Shortens development time lines:

  • Eclipse based developer workbench
  • Simple SQL or XQuery access to all data
  • Tight integration with leading application infrastructures like PHP, JAVA, and .NET

Provides more efficient operation:

  • Adaptive, self-tuning memory allocation
  • Automated storage management
  • Storage optimization that compresses data to greatly reduce storage
  • Silent installation and automatic optimization for SAP environments

Improves security and resiliency:

  • Advanced access control, label-based security
  • New security administrator role
  • Greater scalability and management with table partitioning

IBM Database Enterprise Developer Edition: This edition offers a package for a single application developer to design, build, and prototype applications for deployment on any of the IBM Information Management client or server platforms. This comprehensive developer offering includes DB2 Workgroup 9 and DB2 Enterprise 9, IDS Enterprise Edition, Cloudscape, DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for zSeries, and all the DB2 V9.1 features, allowing customers to build solutions that utilize the latest data server technologies.

Program charges: The software in this package cannot be used for production systems. You must acquire a separate user license for each authorized user of this product.
DB2 Universal Database allows you to access any information, from any application, from any place in your organization anytime, and still at the total lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The newest release provides significant automation capabilities through SMART (self-managed and resource tuning), Business Intelligence enhancements, and expanded abilities to integrate information across your company.

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