Capture, understand, and deliver content at the speed of business.

IBM Datacap enables organizations to streamline the capture, recognition, and classification of business documents and to quickly and accurately extract important information from those documents for use by business users and in applications. Datacap supports multichannel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), or fax. IBM Datacap also supports digital files such as PDF, Microsoft™ Office files, and image format files that are created by users, as output from applications, or that are digitally faxed or emailed into your organization.

IBM Datacap is helping lead business into the next generation of capture - the cognitive era. Using natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies, like those in IBM Watson, IBM Datacap Insight Edition can help automatically identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or highly variable documents that usually require manual intervention. By applying cognitive capture to these complex tasks, IBM Datacap Insight Edition can help significantly reduce labor and paper costs, deliver meaningful information for better, faster decision making and improve the responsiveness of customer service.

Choose a Datacap on premise or on cloud implementation and benefit from:

Best-in-class capture

Cognitive capture

Capture and processing in the proper context

Enriched mobility

Adaptable, extendible rules-based capture

Wide support for content repositories


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IBM Datacap enables business analysts to quickly configure capture applications without programming skills using prebuilt actions and rules

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Datacap capabilities are now available in IBM Content Navigator, the unified experience for mobile, web and desktop across all of IBM ECM portfolio

IBM Datacap enables business analysts to quickly configure capture applications without programming skills using prebuilt actions and rules

Datacap capabilities are now available in IBM Content Navigator, the unified experience for mobile, web and desktop across all of IBM ECM portfolio

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IBM Datacap and Box: Capture and extract value from documents

Put business content to
work and increase

Your employees rely on content every day, but all too often they have to constantly piece together the information they need across different locations both physical and digital. Then, they struggle to do what matters most to your business: putting your customer at the heart of every interaction. IBM’s strategic  partnership with Box  gives you access to a secure cloud-based content collaboration solution that works across both your organization and with external stakeholders.

IBM Datacap captures and processes documents whenever and wherever they enter your organization, working together with Box to streamline your business processes. For documents already in Box, Datacap’s classification and content extraction puts unstructured data to work for your organization, lifting the data from your documents and updating your databases and applications without manual keying.

By putting your business content to work with Datacap, organizations can accelerate business processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and respond faster to customers while lowering costs.

The first step in putting documents to work 

With content entering organizations from multiple channels—mobile devices, scanners, e-mail, fax and more—many organizations struggle with how to ingest and digest documents, including what they already have stored in their repositories.

Datacap is the first step in putting documents to work for your business. By automating the identification and extraction of unstructured information from documents, you can put that information to work in business processes. Launch and update cases with richer context, storing the documents in repositories, including Box where they can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere.

Client Examples

There are many client examples from various industries of how IBM Datacap and Box work together.

  • Consumer goods: Clients take photos of damaged goods, waybills and invoices; and put them to Box. Datacap monitors the Box folder and when new photos arrive, Datacap grabs them, reads the information from the documents. Knowing the order information, Datacap can start a case in IBM Case Manager to resolve the problem.
  • Insurance: Insurance policy holders use Box to upload documents, photos and videos required as proof for resolving a claim. Datacap grabs those documents, then identifies, classifies, and catalogs them, declared as records and retained in compliance with regulatory mandates.
  • Banking: Box provides a way for a loan applicant to submit documents needed for underwriting approval. Datacap gathers key information needed to approve the loan from the documents and then files them in FileNet electronic loan folders for immediate access by underwriting, advisors, and servicing.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare providers use Datacap with their existing fax servers to receive inbound faxes from patients and doctors and can make the documents available for secure access in Box based on the document data captured by Datacap.

The IBM Datacap and Box integration provides:

By identifying and putting your content to work with IBM Datacap and Box, organizations can accelerate business processes, meet regulatory requirements, improve productivity and efficiency, and respond faster to customers while lowering costs.

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Capture and process documents on demand to Box

With IBM Datacap Mobile, your customer can capture and submit documents on demand using their smartphone or tablet. It’s as easy as snapping a photo.

  • A driver involved in a car accident takes photos on the scene-- the damage, the other driver’s license, and the insurance card. IBM Datacap Mobile reads the driver’s license and insurance information. Uploading the documents and information to Box immediately begins the insurance claim process.
  • A customer opening an account can take a selfie and a photo of their ID and know right away that they it can be approved.

With IBM Datacap Mobile, the information extraction and classification run on the mobile device even if it is has no cellular or WiFi signal. So even when a network is not available, IBM Datacap is available.
Since IBM Datacap operates on the device, errors are identified and corrected immediately so that the right information is captured the first time.

IBM Datacap Mobile

IBM Datacap, together with Box, gives users a simple way to store and share important documents and the information contained within those documents securely in the cloud, outside your company’s firewall. The cost of processing documents is reduced considerably, since they are automatically identified and tagged as soon as they are captured. The overall result is better customer satisfaction due to a faster, streamlined case resolution.

Customer Benefits

  • Intuitive mobile document capture from anywhere, including automatic document classification and data extraction
  • Accelerate document provisioning for insurance claims, account opening, loan applications, etc.
  • Configure document models and processing options to meet your business needs
  • Supports recognition of ID cards and Passports out of the box

System requirements

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Canon Marketing Japan and IBM Japan have agreed to jointly provide data capture solutions that combine Japanese OCR handwriting recognition software with cognitive technology.

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