An advanced optimizing C and C++ compiler for the z/OS platform

The IBM® z/OS® XL C/C++ compiler exploits the latest z/Architecture®, including the latest IBM z13™ servers. It enables development of high-performing business applications and system programs on z/OS, while maximizing hardware use and improving application performance. As an optional-priced feature of the z/OS operating system, z/OS XL C/C++ uses services provided by the z/OS Language Environment® and Runtime Library Extensions base elements. It works in concert with z/OS problem determination tools, including IBM Debug Tool for z/OS and IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS.

IBM z/OS XL C/C++ offers:

Increased return on hardware and middleware investments

System programming capabilities

Improved productivity with usability features

Standards compliance

z/OS XL C/C++ resources

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

For your convenience, the tabs below identify the supported releases of z/OS XL C/C++ from which you can select detailed system requirement reports for different contexts (by Operating System, by component). Note that clicking a link will always generate a new, up-to-date report.

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2.2 Release

2.1.1 Release

2.1 Release

1.13 Release

1.12 Release

IBM® XL C/C++ for z/OS® V2.2 continues to deliver enhancements necessary for optimizing performance, usability and portability of your applications.

Major enhancements to this version include:


Exploitation of the latest z/Architecture

Usability and performance enhancements

Support for high-performance mathematical computing libraries

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