Optimize digital channels by visualizing all web and mobile interactions.

IBM® Tealeaf® Customer Behavior Analysis (CBA) solutions help companies improve the online customer experience by providing both quantitative and qualitative information necessary to understand customers’ true experiences on the web and mobile applications. Tealeaf CBA solutions, including Tealeaf cxImpact and Tealeaf cxView, can be used in cloud or on-premises environments to provide companies with essential information for conducting online customer behavior analysis. Solutions also include Tealeaf cxOverstat to strengthen the understanding of user intent through highly visual and analytic site overlays and Tealeaf cxLifecycle to influence buying cycles across touchpoints..

Product editions:

Tealeaf cxImpact: uses customer experience analytics to transform the rich customer experience dataset captured by the Tealeaf CX platform in near real time into visually replayable and searchable customer sessions.
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Tealeaf cxLifecycle: Integrates quantitative and qualitative data for better customer experience insights that can influence buying cycles.
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Tealeaf cxOverstat: Helps improve campaign performance and content placement and optimize a site’s page flows with intuitive, visual analytics such as heat maps, attention maps and link and form analytics
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Tealeaf cxView: Enables proactive management by providing an early warning system that identifies significant changes in critical customer experience metrics, struggle scores and key performance indicators (KPIs)
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