Optimize digital channels by visualizing all web and mobile interactions.

Unparalleled insight for efficient problem
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Improving online customer experience is a top priority for many organizations and Tealeaf's Customer Behavior Analysis solutions is created with this goal in mind. By utilizing cxImpact and cxView in concert, companies have both the quantitative data, as well as the qualitative experience information necessary to understand customers' true experiences — information that is foundational to conducting customer behavior analysis. With CX Mobile companies can also optimize the mobile channel with capture, storage and analysis of mobile user experiences. With cxOverstat, companies can strengthen understanding of user intent through highly visual and analytic site overlays.

Product editions :

Tealeaf cxImpact: Provides fast visibility into the hidden problems that can impact your business, helping you detect, quantify and resolve issues and sources of customer struggle
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Tealeaf cxOverstat: Helps improve campaign performance and content placement and optimize a site’s page flows with intuitive, visual analytics such as heat maps, attention maps and link and form analytics
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Tealeaf cxView: Enables proactive management by providing an early warning system that identifies significant changes in critical customer experience metrics, struggle scores and key performance indicators (KPIs)
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