Mathematical optimization for the mainframe environment

Optimization applications in finance,
securities and banking

IBM® CPLEX® Optimizer for z/OS® delivers mathematical optimization on mainframe computers, providing flexible, high-performance mathematical programming solvers. It enables large enterprises with operational data on mainframe computers to use existing investments and take advantage of the mainframe’s processing power and security features.

IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS supports optimization opportunities in finance and banking, healthcare and governmental organizations.

IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS enables you to:

Experience the fast, reliable and robust CPLEX solving engine

  • Use fundamental algorithms that provide flexible, high-performance mathematical programming solvers for linear programming, mixed integer programming, quadratic programming, constraint programming and scheduling.
  • Take advantage of robust algorithms that can solve problems with millions of constraints and variables.
  • Work with a well-tested, highly reliable product that is used by a large installed base. New features are tested using a large and diverse model library.

Keep your data and solving engine on one platform

  • Gain speed by using your existing architecture. Eliminate lag time from your applications by running the optimization engine in the mainframe computer where data resides.
  • Help reduce security risks by running the optimization engine directly on your mainframe computer.

Bring System z benefits to your business critical, optimization- based applications

  • Use extreme virtualization for large-scale consolidation to reduce operating costs dramatically.
  • Attain high levels of availability for global operations using the proven System z platform.
  • Offer full scalability to respond to your organization’s increasing and changing business demands.
  • Work with the security-rich System z platform, which is the only hardware platform with an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL5) certification. This is the highest security certification achieved by a hardware platform.
  • Utilize the zEnterprise System to help reduce technology acquisition and operating costs by up to 70 percent.

Reduce the skills required to develop optimization-based applications

  • Use the same interface to create models on distributed systems and deploy them on System z.
  • Develop models on distributed systems and seamlessly deploy those models on System z without having specific knowledge about System z architecture and software.

Require only System z skills for deployment

  • Eliminate the need for developers to acquire or maintain new skills other than those required for System z.
  • Increase productivity by enabling experienced System z developers to use their existing skills to deploy optimization-based applications.

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