Embrace DevOps principles, reduce cycle time, and improve operational quality

IBM® SmartCloud™ Continuous Delivery is a DevOps offering that accelerates the delivery of deployed business services while reducing risk, cost and improving overall application quality. These lifecycle improvements are accomplished through automated and continuous integration, deployment, testing and monitoring while at the same time providing continuous feedback.

IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery provides:

  • Continuous software delivery pipeline that automates build, deploy, and test to improve quality and drive faster time to market.
  • Integrated and collaborative DevOps platform to accelerate software delivery.
  • Visibility and governance across delivery lifecycle to reduce release risks.
  • Integration with existing development and operations processes and tools to preserve current investments.

Continuous software delivery pipeline

  • Simplify, standardize and automate delivery process workflows with simultaneous execution of tasks: build, integrate, provision, deploy, test and monitor.
  • Get continuous deployment with automated provisioning and configuration of development and test environments on a private cloud for use with continuous integration practices.
  • Improve quality and provide greater test environment coverage by performing continuous testing on production-like environments.
  • Reduce production rollback through continuous monitoring of performance characteristics early and throughout delivery lifecycle.
  • Incrementally adopt capabilities as needed, such as continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous testing and continuous monitoring.

Integrated and collaborative DevOps platform

  • Collaboratively setup and configure delivery pipeline using an agile, scalable and flexible software delivery platform.
  • Develop, share and use production-like cloud environments early and through-out the development process.
  • Extend IBM Rational Team Concert™and use an integrated set of capabilities for planning, tracking and versioning across delivery lifecycle.
  • Improve development productivity by exploring and using cloud resources directly from within your DevOps platform.
  • Establish monitoring metrics collaboratively, as well as thresholds and monitoring infrastructure during development and testing.

Visibility and governance across delivery lifecycle

  • Improve visibility to delivery process bottlenecks with instant feedback and details on code changes, build integration results, tested environments and test case results.
  • Trace changes through delivery for quick problem identification and governance.
  • Track, version, reuse and govern deployment artifacts in the library management system ensuring the right artifacts are deployed into the correct environments.

Integration with existing development and operations processes

  • Achieve greater value when used with IBM Rational® products such as IBM Rational Team Concert™, IBM Rational Build Forge®, IBM Rational Automation Framework and IBM Rational Quality Manager.
  • Leverage your investment in open source continuous integration and automated testing components like Hudson, Jenkins, Chef, JUnit, and Cucumber.
  • Provision and deploy to private cloud systems using IBM SmartCloud Provisioning (bundled), IBM PureApplication™ System or IBM Workload Deployer.
  • Gain visibility into application performance trends when used with IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management.

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Embrace DevOps principles, reduce cycle time, and improve operational quality

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