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The key tenets for content management in a digitally transformed, modern day business are mobility, security and accessibility. In other words, making content responsibly available wherever and whenever it is needed, with a user experience that is simple, seamless and customized to suit business users' needs. While an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform gives you the foundation to manage all content at any scale within the enterprise, IBM Content Navigator transforms your ECM into a universal point of content collaboration. It brings content and content-related processes closer to the business users for secured, optimized, and consistent consumption of content across applications and devices.

With IBM Content Navigator, which comes at no charge with many of the IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions, you can transform your business processes, improve productivity and enhance customer engagement. It puts content to work, regardless of its enterprise location, to integrate securely with your business applications, develop custom applications and provide a unified user experience to content on mobile, web, and desktop.

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