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IBM® Content Collector products enable you to collect, enhance and manage email, file systems, and SAP® data and documents. These products provide analytic assessment, ingest and classification technologies to simplify the process of selecting information for archiving. IBM Content Collector is part of the IBM Smart Archive Strategy, designed to help extract value and gain new intelligence from business content.

Product editions:

Content Collector for Email: Provides policy-driven collection and archiving of email for storage management and improved compliance.

Content Collector for File Systems: Collects and archives files from Windows, Novell and other file systems for improved compliance and IT projects such as storage management and server consolidation.
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Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint: Extends Microsoft SharePoint with the ability to archive SharePoint list and library types for better compliance, improved long-term retention and optimized SharePoint performance.

Content Collector for SAP Applications: Provides document and data archiving for SAP applications.
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