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IBM COBOL for AIX, V5.1 is a development environment for building business-critical COBOL applications on Power Systems. It includes a COBOL compiler, a COBOL library for non-production use and a debugger that lets you visually debug a program from your workstation. COBOL for AIX uses common compiler back end technology from XL C, XL C/C++ and XL Fortran to give better performance.

IBM COBOL Runtime Environment for AIX V5.1 is the runtime component of the COBOL for AIX product. Deployment of IBM COBOL applications requires the COBOL Runtime Environment to execute the applications. With this orderable COBOL Runtime Environment, the redistribution of runtime libraries in the COBOL for AIX product is no longer required or permitted.

COBOL for AIX enables you to create 32-bit or 64-bit applications.

This software:

Is designed for IBM Power Systems and maximizes application performance

Provides XML and Java interoperability

Provides symbolic debugger information

Delivers middleware integration

Delivers development support

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IBM COBOL for AIX, V5.1 and IBM COBOL Runtime Environment for AIX V5.1 provide the following updates:


Performance improvements

Productivity and usability enhancements

New separately orderable COBOL Runtime library updates

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