Why mainframes for transaction processing?

Mainframes excel at transaction processing. IBM mainframes can perform far beyond distributed servers and can process huge volumes of transactions faster, more securely and more reliably. That’s why the largest companies with the highest number of transactions entrust transactional computing to z Systems® mainframes.

Transaction processing from IBM includes a family of enterprise application servers, as well as connectors and tools, which provide industrial-strength, online transaction management. Enterprise application servers on z Systems host applications written in a wealth of different languages, providing a secure, scalable and cost-efficient environment.

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Get to know the world’s leading application server software family for z Systems, supporting both traditional and modern languages


Explore the dedicated Java Enterprise Edition application server on multiple platforms including z Systems and Bluemix

Learn about the fast and secure hierarchical database manager for OLTP


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Discover the operating system designed to manage extreme transaction volumes

Featured: Enterprise application servers

Reliably serve millions of transactions per second in mixed language applications on z Systems.

Walmart runs an average of 500 million transactions per day on CICS… and up to a 10:1 cost ratio over comparable solutions

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"Our 90-day development cycles require enormous flexibility at the architectural level… The maturity of IMS (on IBM z Systems) makes it the ideal platform for achieving this speed to market.”

– Jay Prag, CIO Hogan Channels at FNB

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