Building and maintaining a Smarter Workforce can significantly affect bottom line results. However, businesses continue to face the ongoing challenge of finding and retaining top employee talent while getting the best efforts from their current workforce.

IBM Kenexa talent management system helps organizations meet these challenges by including workforce science, analytics and collaboration into the mix. A talent management solution helps to ensure a best-fit, engaged and talented workforce that will develop deeper client relationships while driving measurable business results.

Featured IBM Kenexa talent management solutions

Whether you are looking for a single or a broader end-to-end workforce solution, IBM Kenexa offers a talent management solution for your specific needs which may include:

  • Talent acquisition - talent management

    Talent acquisition
    Attracting the right candidates to the right roles through precision and science.

  • HR analytics - talent management system

    HR analytics
    Placing cognitive analytics into the hands of all HR professionals, enabling them to gain valuable insights from recruiting, onboarding and performance management data.

  • Assessment test - talent management

    Assessment test
    Offers an expansive portfolio of tailor-made, ready-to-use career assessments that assess traits, skills and fit for individuals, managers and leaders.

  • Learning and development - talent management system

    Learning and development
    Fostering collaboration, networking, sharing and growth within the organization.

  • Engagement surveys - talent management

    Engagement surveys
    Using surveys to understand what motivates and engages employees to help drive behavior change, improve workgroup effectiveness and more.

Featured offers

IBM® talent management products help organizations to build and maintain a Smarter Workforce by identifying and retaining top employee talent while getting the best efforts from their current workforce.

Featured products

  • IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite - talent management

    IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite

    Provides an integrated set of products that work together to help streamline and optimize employee recruitment and onboarding.

  • IBM Kenexa Brassring on Cloud - talent management system

    IBM Kenexa Brassring on Cloud

    Supplies integrated, platform-based recruitment technology to help you source, assess and hire high-quality talent.

  • IBM Kenexa Survey Advantage on Cloud – talent management

    IBM Kenexa Survey Advantage on Cloud

    Provides an online employee survey using a standard set of organizational performance and effectiveness measures that supports both diagnostic and analytical objectives.

The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute is an expert team of industrial-organizational psychologists and HR researchers.

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