Talent analytics and surveys

Cognitive analytics and survey data to help drive business outcomes

Talent analytics and surveys, powered by Watson Analytics, places cognitive analytics into hands of all HR professionals, enabling them to gain valuable insights from recruiting, onboarding and performance management data. Since this HR solution understands the language of HR, users simply type in what they wish to see and the results are displayed in easy-to-consume interactive visualization. Patterns and relationships in the data are automatically uncovered and recommendations on alternative paths to explore are offered.

IBM® employee engagement surveys delve into what matters most to employees which gives HR insights for driving engagement. Understanding what motivates and engages employees can help drive behavior change, improve workgroup effectiveness, enhance individual development, increase retention and more.

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Surveys help organizations understand what engages employees and analytics help drive talent decisions. Both are critical to making impactful business decisions.

These products include:

  • IBM Kenexa Talent Insights

    IBM Kenexa Talent Insights

    Places the power of sophisticated talent analytics directly into the hands of HR professionals, enabling them to make strategic, fact-based decisions for driving business outcomes.

  • IBM Kenexa Survey Enterprise

    IBM Kenexa Survey Enterprise

    Identifies focus areas and strategies that influence engagement and business performance, exploring new ways to increase engagement within the organization.

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