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IBM System and Workload Automation solutions work together to start and stop hardware, systems and application software and business workloads. You are able to find and repair problems before they become outages. These solutions allow you to use either a scheduled approach or policy based pre-defined criteria to simplify operations and improve overall availability.

These solutions help you get the most workload out of your enterprise resources. They feature:

In addition, IBM System and Workload Automation brings you:

Featured System and Workload Automation Resources

System Automation for Multiplatforms

White Paper

Learn how Automation can give you better control of IT's impact on business

How to Drive Workload Automation

Featured System and Workload Automation Products

Analyst Reports

Clabby Analytics report on maximizing Information Systems Efficiency: How to Build a Workload Optimized, Highly-Automated, Heterogeneous Hybrid Cloud


Put an end to mainframe scripting for single zEnterprise environments with policy-driven IBM automation for Increased productivity and decrease costs

Case Studies

Learn how IBM focused on it's IT support costs and came up with a more cost-effective approach to delivering 24x7 systems availability.

White papers

Simplifying workload management in heterogeneous environments

Learn how Automation can give you better control of IT’s impact on business.

Increase SAP Availability by exploiting automation

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