IBM stream computing solutions enable organizations to perform in-motion analytics on fast moving data to create enhanced and more accurate cognitive and analytic systems. With instant insight into data in motion, such as machine learning, text analytics and geospatial analysis, you can react to events as they happen and make faster, better decisions.

Stream computing solutions can provide:

IBM stream computing software provides an advanced computing platform to ingest and analyze data in motion and simplify the development of streaming applications.

Featured stream computing products

IBM Streams
Allows user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze and correlate information as it arrives from thousands of near real-time sources.

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InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition
Download a no-charge, non-production version of IBM InfoSphere Streams and test this stream computing platform.

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Considering a purchase?

IBM InfoSphere Streams demo

Watch the video (00:02:21)
Watch the video (00:02:21)

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