Software asset management

Maintain audit readiness and continuous license compliance

Your software licenses represent a significant expense. If they are not successfully managed, you can incur unnecessary costs for unused software – and risk penalties for a failed audit.

IBM Endpoint Manager provides:

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Career Education Corporation eliminates software license audit risks


US Foods avoids potential software license penalties with self audit


Audit ready and asset optimized


From audit compliance to app stores, accelerate your move to software asset management

Granular inventory insights and always-on asset management enhances license compliance.

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  • Software Use Analysis

    Software Use Analysis

    Maintain audit readiness and continuous license compliance with always-on Software Asset Management.

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Analyst Report:

Minimize software expenditures, reduce security risks and support compliance.

Case Studies:

Organization centralized application and hardware asset management with IBM Endpoint Manager software.

Reduced patch deployment times by 80 percent and avoided significant license noncompliance fines.

Data Sheet:

Identify licensed and unlicensed software with drill-down granularity.


Tightly manage softwareassets to maximize benefits.


Prepare for audits and ensure smooth ongoing software management.

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Audit Ready and Asset Optimized

Audit Ready and Asset Optimized. Watch the Video (YouTube, 00:02:27)

Tightly manage software assets to maximize benefits.

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