Operational Decision Management

  Identify, create and codify repeatable, business rules, events and operational decisions

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Operational Decision Management from IBM

Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of repeatable, operational business decisions are made each day: Should a discount be applied to this purchase? Does this customer qualify for the next step in a loan application? Should this transaction be flagged as fraudulent? Making these decisions correctly and promptly can greatly impact success factors like customer service, customer retention, regulatory compliance, risk management and more.

Operational Decision Management refers to the software and systems that automate and manage these decisions. The technology involves business logic—if-then scenarios such as “if this customer has made purchases over US$100, then offer free shipping”—and software that executes the logic.

Operational Decision Management from IBM enables you to manage business logic outside of your applications. This separation reduces the reliance of business professionals on IT and empowers them to control and manage business logic. As a result, shifting business contexts can be addressed in near real time to improve responsiveness and performance. Additionally, predictive analytics can be used to act upon increasing volumes of data to anticipate business conditions and beat the competition.

Operational Decision Management from IBM enables you to:

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