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Why an integrated environment for mobile app development?

Developing high-quality mobile applications (apps) while adhering to a tight schedule can be particularly challenging. With so many different devices, operating systems, display sizes and on-device features, creating an app that works equally well in different environments that won’t disappoint your end user is a challenge.

Successful mobile app development requires more than just a compelling user interface. It also requires:

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    Native, web or hybrid mobile-app development

    Which approach is better for your situation?

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    Buyer's guide: Mobile application platforms

    Identify key capabilities needed to extend your enterprise to mobile devices

In fact, the majority of the cost and effort of your mobile application development happens behind the user interface. With security and data integration becoming especially important, many organizations are turning to an integrated mobile application development platform to systematically manage their enterprise mobile assets.

Flexibility is the key to a successful solution.

When choosing a mobile application development platform, the solution should:

What we offer

IBM has one of the most advanced platforms for native development, and one of the fastest ways to create hybrid and web apps—to both accelerate and simplify your application development. With our integrated solution, you can choose how you want to consume the mobile application development capabilities that best fit your needs, including public cloud-based services, private cloud and on-premise.

IBM solution components include:

IBM® Worklight® Platform
Helps reduce complexity with a platform that can not only build and deploy your apps, but also secure them, manage their lifecycle and integrate them into the enterprise

IBM Bluemix™ Mobile Services
Helps you quickly create new apps at scale by using cloud-based application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be “glued” together

IBM Cloudant
Helps you manage the increasingly fragmented mobile space by synchronizing data across devices that can scale to meet mobile demand

Learn the basics

  • Webcast: The Top Signs Your Apps Were Built for Today, Not Tomorrow

    The top signs your apps were built for today, not tomorrow

    Are your mobile application development practices sustainable?

  • How comprehensive is your mobile application testing?

    How comprehensive is your mobile application testing?

    This paper describes critical mobile application testing scenarios and execution engines

  • IBM

    Native, web or hybrid mobile-app development

    The pros and cons of each approach, considering the impacts of budget, project timeframe, target audience, and app functionality.

Explore IBM solutions

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    Build more robust native applications with IBM Worklight

    Improve your ability to deliver more effective native mobile apps

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    IBM Worklight - Technology overview

    Extend your business with HTML5, hybrid, and native apps that reach a variety of mobile devices.

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    Improve your mobile application security with IBM Worklight

    Understand how to create and deliver security-rich mobile applications

  • mobile demo

    Mobile Application Demos on Demand

    Watch how to rapidly develop, test, secure and manage top-quality mobile apps

Compare and Decide

  • IBM Worklight compared to "do-it-yourself"

    IBM Worklight compared to "do-it-yourself"

    Discover the advantages of an IBM Worklight Developer solution

  • IBM Worklight  Developer Edition Trial

    IBM Worklight Developer Edition trial

    Build and manage mobile apps with an integrated platform.

  • Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact of IBM's Worklight Platform

    Forrester report: The total economic impact of IBM's Worklight platform

    Learn the cost savings of developing apps using a mobile application platform.

  • Buyer's guide: Mobile application platforms

    Buyer's guide to mobile application platforms

    Identify key capabilities needed to extend your enterprise to mobile devices


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