Marketing and merchandising

Personalization and enriched customer engagement across channels

Customers want relevant, personalized and consistent interactions. Catalysts such as social media, real-time access to information and mobile devices are redefining what they expect. These trends are fundamentally changing how marketing must work to improve business success.

With IBM marketing and merchandising solutions, part of the IBM Commerce portfolio, you can engage with your customers in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social, mobile and traditional channels. You can personalize and optimize cross-channel campaigns and digital marketing efforts to convert visitors into repeat customers and advocates. At the same time, make predictive merchandising decisions to boost profit and shopper loyalty.

Featured marketing and merchandising solutions

Whether you are looking for a single solution or a broad marketing and merchandising solution, IBM provides tools to support you:

  • Omni-channel marketing

    Omni-channel marketing

    Deliver single, personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.

  • Omni-channel merchandising

    Omni-channel merchandising

    Quantify consumer behavior to make predictive merchandising and marketing decisions that can boost sales, profitability and loyalty.

  • Digital marketing

    Digital marketing

    Orchestrate digital interactions using behavioral insights to deliver relevant customer engagement.

  • Customer analytics

    Customer analytics

    Analyze data from customer behavior to uncover trends and valuable insights.

  • Real-time personalization

    Real-time personalization

    Interact with customers in context wherever they are to increase engagement, conversion and word of mouth.

  • Mobile engagement

    Mobile engagement

    Gain near real-time insights into an individual's mobile locations and interactions for stronger customer engagement.

IBM marketing and merchandising solutions enable your marketing organization to deeply engage customers and prospects. Using a fast, effective digital marketing platform, you can develop timely, relevant and responsive communications across channels.

Featured marketing and merchandising products

  • IBM Campaign

    IBM Campaign

    Deliver personalized, relevant marketing messages across touch points.

  • IBM Mobile Push Notification

    IBM Mobile Push Notification

    Provide mobile app marketing for creating notification campaigns that engage mobile app users at the optimal time and place.

  • DemandTec Price Optimization

    DemandTec Price Optimization

    Enable retailers to run pricing simulation and optimization scenarios based on defined objectives.

  • Silverpop Engage

    Silverpop Engage

    Use customer data and behaviors to drive personalized email interactions, increasing customer engagement and revenue.

  • Real-time personalization

    IBM Digital Analytics

    Gain insight from web analytics and comparative benchmarks using a cloud-based solution.

  • Tealeaf CX

    Tealeaf CX

    Capture, manage and maintain a thorough data store of online customer interactions.

IBM marketing and merchandising solutions can be used in various ways to create relevant and personalized interactions across channels.

Featured use cases

Conversion of digital prospects

Engage your customers in the moment with personally rewarding one-to-one digital marketing campaigns, delivered at scale.

Omni-channel pricing

Manage, optimize and execute pricing across the product lifecycle in physical and digital channels.

Promotion management

Reduce complexity with a fully integrated promotion-planning solution designed for today’s retail venues.

Mobile marketing

Realize mobile’s potential as the anywhere, anyplace extension of your brand-customer relationships.


Deliver a personalized conversation across multiple channels.

Real-time marketing

Increase the value of individual customer interactions.

Social media marketing

Turn social insights into action by creating dialogues, building advocacy and improving loyalty.

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