To keep pace with evolving business needs, companies depend heavily on the successful flow of critical information in files. For business processes to run smoothly, they must rely on secure, compliant and consistent file transfers. Additionally, their globally dispersed teams must rely on fast, dependable data exchange, regardless of data size, to allow for project collaboration in real time.

IBM managed file transfer (MFT) enables enterprises to increase the security, reliability and governance of critical file transfers. MFT’s secure file transfer simplifies synchronizing systems, business communities and sharing data between people to speed the structured and unstructured processes that run their business.

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IBM managed file transfer products help to ensure secure, compliant and consistent file transfers across the enterprise.

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IBM MQ Managed File Transfer

Manage and audit file transfers across platforms to eliminate redundancies and lower costs.

IBM® Control Center

Gain actionable visibility for your entire B2B and managed file transfer infrastructure.

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Get advanced multifactor authentication for the edge of the enterprise.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct®

Deliver files with a high degree of security, reliability and governance.

IBM Sterling File Gateway

Conduct file exchange with outside parties.

IBM Aspera® High-Speed Add-on for Connect:Direct

Bring the speed of the Aspera FASP® protocol to Sterling Connect: Direct transfers.

Most organizations start their journey in file transfer with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) problem. The following scenarios are the most common challenges that lead to an IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer solution:

  • Failed security audits - With the growth in data security breaches, and the increased amount of sensitive customer data traveling in files, security is a critical concern for all organizations.
  • Slow transfers - Digitization, globalization and outsourcing have all contributed to larger file sizes. As file sizes have ballooned, so has the time to transmit them between systems.
  • Lengthy onboarding - Across all industries, organizations are experiencing rapid growth in their trading partner networks. Companies are expanding their businesses, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, which compounds already slow onboarding timeframes.
  • "Where is my file?" - Where is the file? With industry error rates running at an average of six percent, you probably get this question more than you want.
  • Regulatory compliance - Do you find yourself dealing with compensating controls, certifications, regulatory reporting, and security audits?

In addition to products, companies need to drive success for all data movement both inside and outside their organization.

IBM MFT provides:

  • Assured data delivery - When the file transfer fails, the business process that depends on the data in that file fails.
  • Centralized governance - Effective controls are required to manage all data movement and exchange.
  • High-speed transport - New transport options overcome the size and distance barriers of traditional TCP based transfer.
  • Advanced security - Encryption is not enough.
  • Regulatory audit - Continuous controls monitoring and audit reporting help you demonstrate compliance.
  • File sharing - Securely sync and share files between devices and individuals without having to clog your email systems.

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