IBM® intelligent business process management (BPM) solutions improve the visibility and control of your business processes. As a result, they can help differentiate your business from the competition, deliver the right goods and services and meet the demands of your customers for consistency and convenience.

IBM intelligent business process solutions help you:

Featured solutions

IBM intelligent business process management solutions improve the visibility and control of your business processes with the following solutions.

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Smarter Processes for Dummies

Read the ebook and get smart about intelligent business process management.

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Introducing IBM Blueworks Live™

Discover a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that lets anyone in your company document, understand and improve processes.

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Beyond the music

BMI and IBM Smarter Process help IBM band Mind the Gap track how they get played and paid.

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IBM intelligent business process management products provide the key capabilities to help you use your processes to improve your business.

These products include:

  • IBM Business Monitor

    IBM Business Monitor

    Provides operational visibility and actionable insights to improve business outcomes.

  • IBM Case Manager

    IBM Case Manager

    Unites information, process, and people to provide a 360-degree view of case information and achieve optimized outcomes.

  • IBM ODM on Cloud

    IBM ODM on Cloud

    Rapidly capture, manage, and automate decisions in the cloud.

Learn the Basics:

  • Smarter Process for DUMMIES

    Smarter Process for Dummies eBook. Get your free copy now!

  • Introducing IBM Blueworks Live, a SaaS-based offering that lets anyone in your company document, understand, and improve processes without training or software to install.

  • MWD

    Gain BPM insight from MWD advisors

    In this report, MWD advisors review IBM Business Process Manager and its ability to optimize business processes.

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    Learn how to get more value from SAP implementations

    Read this short flyer on IBM Business process management solutions and learn how they optimize SAP processes.

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    Top global company raises agility: Yours can too

    Learn how Odyssey Logistics and Technology Corporation used IBM software to optimize processes and help customers.

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    Together, BPM and MDM innovate processes

    Read this White Paper to learn how IBM solutions transform business processes and information by aligning BPM and MDM.

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    BPM helps hospital improve patient care

    Read a case study about the Ottawa Hospital, that used IBM Business Process Management tools to transform operations.

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    Improve the way work gets done

    Read about IBM Business Process Manager, that offers business processes visibility, in this IBM White Paper.

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    White Paper: IBM BPM: A smarter process approach to accelerating customer engagements with mobile and social

    Learn why the ability to connect directly with customers is driving enterprises to reinvent how they operate.

Compare & Decide

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    Gain a high-level look at BPM

    Don’t take our word for it: Lustratus Research compares BPM solutions from IBM, Appian and Oracle in this White Paper.

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    Plan your roadmap to success!

    Read about the success other organizations had in 2012 with IBM BPM and imagine what you want to achieve, next.

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