IBM Integration foundation solutions connect enterprise processes, applications and information, enabling a robust on-premise IT environment with centralized governance. This flexible, scalable and secure architecture is customizable to meet specific business goals effectively, quickly and securely, helping to maximize your technology investments.

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Improving business agility with IBM Integration Bus

Learn how IBM Integration Bus can help you eliminate point-to-point connectivity by routing and transforming virtually any data format for rapid connectivity across your heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

Optimize your SOA, B2B and cloud environments with DataPower appliances

Discover how WebSphere DataPower appliances help optimize the use of existing application, security and networking infrastructure assets.

Integration patterns

Gain insight on bringing IBM products together as a "hybrid" integration solution to achieve total company integration.

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    IBM API Connect

    Manage the API lifecycle across cloud and on-premises environments.

  • IBM MQ

    IBM MQ

    Accelerate growth and facilitate the secure and reliable exchange of message data.

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