IBM enterprise systems run complex, business-critical functions for today’s enterprise using vast amounts of data and business logic. To remain competitive, businesses need to modernize their infrastructure by integrating these systems of record with the new systems of engagement, particularly mobile devices and hybrid cloud applications.

Enterprise modernization solutions optimize existing applications, infrastructure and skills with streamlined development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications for multiple platforms. To facilitate the delivery of complex multiplatform applications, businesses are embracing DevOps, a software delivery approach that focuses on speed and efficiency without sacrificing stability and quality. The IBM DevOps solution for z Systems and Power Systems™ can yield significant improvements in speed, capacity and cost.

Featured enterprise modernization solutions

IBM enterprise modernization solutions streamline the development, testing, and deployment of applications for multiple platforms. These solutions include:

  • Multi-platform development

    Multiplatform development for integrated development and test environments to develop, test and deploy multiplatform applications for IBM z Systems and Power Systems.

  • Software change Management

    Software change management that use software delivery platforms for collaboration between development and operations teams, taking advantage of varying skillsets across multiple development languages and operating systems.

  • Automated testing

    Automated testing to test, offload, automate and service virtualization technology for improved application quality with reduced costs.

  • Multi-platform release automation

    Multiplatform release automation for automated provisioning of multiplatform applications, databases and configurations throughout the application lifecycle.

  • Compilers

    Compilers for z/OS and Power Systems for increased performance, productivity and cost savings.

  • Application modernization

    Application modernization that uses modernization approaches and techniques for transforming business- critical systems into flexible applications and services.

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DevOps practices that are key to fast, high-quality software delivery

DevOps on IBM z Systems eGuide

Learn how to develop, modernize and deploy your applications and new workloads on IBM z Systems.

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DevOps practices that are key to fast, high-quality software delivery

Best practices for DevOps on
IBM System z

Discover how a DevOps approach to mainframe application development with continuous process improvement delivers more efficient and effective results.

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DevOps practices that are key to fast, high-quality software delivery

DevOps practices that are key to fast, high-quality software delivery

The enterprise modernization portfolio optimizes existing enterprise applications, infrastructure and skills, — integrating these systems of record with the new systems of engagement.

Featured products

  • Rational Development and Test Environment for z Systems

    Rational® Development and Test Environment for System z

    Allows for development and testing of z Systems applications offline by enabling z/OS®, middleware and other z/OS software to run on Intel and Intel-compatible platforms.

  • Rational Team Concert

    Rational Team Concert

    Provides an all-in-one agile development environment for lean, collaborative lifecycle management and for coordinating build, deploy and test execution.

  • Rational Test Workbench

    Rational Test Workbench

    Automates application testing of mainframe interfaces, including web services.

  • UrbanCode Deploy

    UrbanCode Deploy

    Orchestrates and automates the deployment of applications, middleware configurations and database changes into development, test and production environments including z/OS, Linux on System z™, and distributed platforms.

  • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

    Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

    Exploits the latest z/Architecture® for best utilization of hardware with improved application performance while helping you integrate COBOL and web-based business processes with web services, JSON, XML, Java and COBOL applications.

  • Multi-platform development

    Multi-platform development

    Provides an integrated development and test environment to develop, test, and deploy multi-platform applications for IBM z Systems and Power® Systems.

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Featured resources

DevOps for System z

To take your mobile strategy to the next level and offer five-star apps in the cloud, businesses must develop, test and deploy mobile apps that integrate enterprise applications and back-end data sources. Rosalind Radcliffe discusses IBM's cutting edge multi-platform IDE's to mobilize development solutions.

#305 DevOps: Integrating Systems of Engagement with Systems of Record

Tim Hahn, Distinguished Engineer and CTO for IBM Enterprise Modernization joins us to discuss IBM′s point of view on DevOps and solutions available to accelerate integration of emerging systems of engagement applications such as mobile with existing systems of record spanning distributed, mid-range and mainframe platforms

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DevOps for Enterprise Systems Tech Talks – Episode #4 Reinventing Financial Services - how to respond to change

How does a Financial Services company, with multiplatform applications, respond to the constant requirement for innovate, agile and flexible software delivery?

DevOps for Enterprise Systems Tech Talks – Episode #3 DevOps and Mainframe – How they relate

Tim Hahn, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Enterprise Modernization, discusses "DevOps and the Mainframe - How they relate" with Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Modernization Solution Architect. They explore the challenges that mainframe development teams are facing. They define DevOps as it applies to System z and z/OS, DevOps in relation to system automation, and the best places to start adopting DevOps. Join Tim and Rosalind for a most informative discussion.

Agile Application Development on System z —Is It Keeping Up with Your Business?

The paper discusses the DevOps approach to facilitate the adoption of business processes and new features that will be responsive to user’s demands (whether internal or external), and to do this within a cycle that is measured in days and weeks, not months and years.

DevOps: Accelerating Enterprise Software Delivery

Delivering software is complex. Enterprise systems consist of multiple databases, subsystems, and services, built up over decades. Aligning teams to drive system changes is difficult, where even minor changes to critical systems may involve multiple parties from storage admins, to system programmers, to security personnel, to DBAs, to developers. Coordinating, integrating, and validating the work between stakeholders is often manual, leading to long cycle times and frequent defects. DevOps is an emerging trend aiming to speed and govern the delivery of complex software by increasing collaboration between operations and development teams. This session introduces Enterprise DevOps tools and practices and outlines an adoption paths for Mainframe and Power Systems DevOps including: collaborating on delivery across multiple roles and teams, provisioning of $0-MIPs z/OS test environments, and implementing an automated integration testing system.

DevOps: Integrating Systems of Engagement with Systems of Record

Live keynote from Innovate 2014 demonstrates how DevOps is essential to leveraging the advantages of cloud, big data and mobile technologies.

Transforming Legacy Applications into Web Applications with IBM Rational HATS

Join us for this webinar showing how you can easily transform legacy applications into web applications without rewriting or needing source code.

What’s new in IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services V8

With Rational HATS, host applications can be deployed with a new user interface (UI) including web, portlet, rich client and mobile device user interfaces.

#289 Realizing the Greatest Value from Your IMS and Compiler Upgrades

Roland Koo, Product Manager for Rational Compilers, and Haley Fung, IMS Senior Developer, identify why it is important to upgrade to the latest versions of IMS and COBOL together.

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V5.1 moderated screen cast with James Governor, RedMonk

Listen as James Governor, Principal Analyst and Founder, RedMonk, and Kevin Stoodley, IBM Fellow and CTO, IBM Rational, discuss the benefits of the new IBM Enterprise COBOL compiler for z/OS. Jeff Heath, Development Manager, IBM Rational, demonstrates the highlights of this new, modern compiler.

Webcast: DevOps for the mobile enterprise

Join us for a complimentary webcast series as we discuss a few of the major challenges presented by this mobile era and how to address them

Multiplatform application deployment with UrbanCode Deploy

Learn how to use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to manage the deployment of a z/OS operating system as part of a multi-platform application. This article includes two scenarios of how to use UrbanCode Deploy to help deploy z/OS applications: how to deploy directly using the z/OS agent, and how to integrate with the existing deployment process.

#288 Application Development in a DevOps Enterprise

Bill Smith discusses how the objectives of becoming a DevOps Enterprise –including reducing time-to-value, enhancing business agility, and being more Lean –can be furthered by using the right tools for the creative tasks of software

#286 What's hot for mainframe, IBM i, and distributed applications development?

Come join us as we discuss the Rational multiplatform IDEs v9.0.1, and introduce the new integrated debugger that is now in Rational Developer for System z

Smarter development and debugging for IBM System z

Learn how new debugging capabilities in IBM Rational® tools can improve programmer productivity and reduce costs for application development and debugging.

Learn how to take a test drive of the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development

Join us for this complimentary demo-based webcast. We’ll show you the quantifiable benefits of the IBM® integrated Solution for System z® Development, as well as a new trial capability that lets you test drive all or part of this elegant solution.

RDz Lunch and Learn Series Session 2 - zUnit and Application Debugging

Join Jonathan Sayles for this complimentary presentation where you will learn how to use RDz's new testing features; The Integrated Debugger and zUnit. RDz's Integrated Debugger supports COBOL and PL/I with access to DB2, CICS, IMS (TM and DL/I) and of course access to VSAM/QSAM/GDG data.

Mainframe Modernization and Skills: The Myth and the Reality

The Myth and the Reality, an IBM Redbook Point-of-View publication authored by Emily Farmer, Senior Software Engineer and Michael Casile, Senior Software Engineer provides practical guidance for customers planning to onboard the new developers and administrators that will be needed in the future.

Use Rational Developer for System z for simple, secure, and smart debugging

Read our latest IBM developerworks article as it explains how to use the Integrated Debugger in Rational Developer for System z, to debug applications simply, securely, and cost-effectively.

Rational Developer for System z (v9.0.1): Integrated Debugger

This video features the new Integrated Debugger that is part of Rational Developer for System z, version 9.0.1. This debugger is much more than your typical debugger. In this video you'll become familiar with the debug perspective, learn how to submit a job in debug mode or code coverage, access the full feature editor, step through a program, add, monitor, filter, label and search for variables and breakpoints, work with complex variables, easily navigate large programs using the Outline or Program Code Flow views, and use Monitor memory to display results in different formats.

DevOps for the Enterprise Systems Tech Talks – Episode #2 Code Coverage - New Capabilities in Mainframe Development

If you’re a software practitioner who is writing and delivering COBOL applications for a living, you’ll want to view this screen-cast, take note of how to try this out for yourself, and get going with the latest technology for application development for mainframe systems. Enjoy!

DevOps for Enterprise Systems Tech Talks - Episode #1 New Capabilities in Mainframe Application Development

The topic for this tech talk is Rational Developer for z’s Integrated debugger. We’ll explore the value of having debugger capability immediately available to a developer, greatly cutting down on the time required to produce quality code.

The Evolution to Modern Development

Application development in the modern enterprise environment is growing increasingly complex and fast-paced. The Rational Developer for System z family of tools helps organizations address new paradigms and business expectations. Read this IBM Systems Magazine article to understand the evolution of modern mainframe development.

RDz—A Gift for Millennials Doing z/OS Application Maintenance

This article is the first of a two-part series that explores the use of IBM’s Eclipse-based integrated development environment, Rational Developer for System z, for improving software quality through static and dynamic code analysis.

#287 Bringing Application Lifecycle Management to IBM i with Rational and ARCAD

This podcast will cover the integrated Rational application lifecycle management solution for IBM i, including the new ARCAD Pack for Rational, for greater programmer productivity and rapid application release.

ARCAD Pack for Rational – The new standard in Application Lifecycle Management on IBM i

ARCAD Pack for Rational – The new standard in Application Lifecycle Management on IBM i.

Unifying mainframe and distributed development environments: Customer case studies

You’ll hear from two experts about their experiences with clients that have migrated to an integrated SLM system that provides a unified repository for mainframe and distributed developers. They will discuss the results of these migrations, with improved collaboration and increased productivity of development teams

Set up a Jazz Build Engine to run an Ant script

Learn how to set up an IBM Rational Team Concert main build that performs an IBM Rational Developer for System z code review.

Improve productivity with advanced source control

When you implement Rational Team Concert software, you gain a single solution for managing projects in mainframe and distributed environments with the speed and agility required to deliver results in the global marketplace.

Continuous integration testing and quality management in the mainframe software development lifecycle

Learn how we share service virtualization technology and deployment automation can help companies manage this complexity by simulating the performance and behavior of mainframe systems such as System z.

Test virtualization accelerates mainframe testing

This article describes test virtualization scenarios for mainframe development. IBM Rational Test Virtualization Services and IBM Rational Test Workbench are used to provide the virtual services for the mainframe application. A sample demonstrates how to virtualize a CICS program and use the virtual stub in testing.

#290 Simplify testing with virtual CICS programs with IBM Rational Test Automation Solution (Green Hat)

There is wide-spread adoption of agile practices throughout the development lifecycle, including building and maintaining critical applications on the mainframe. Achieving agility here is helped through the use of automated testing and techniques like Service Virtualization which can shorten the delivery cycle, and improve application quality. IBM Rational Test Automation Solution now enables service virtualization and automated integration testing for CICS applications, scaling down and simplifying the required CICS test region configuration and MIPS requirements.

Continuous integration and test virtualization in a mainframe world

Poor software quality is blamed for more major business problems than any other man-made product, and results in over 500 billion dollars of losses worldwide. Improving application quality is a high priority in virtually every industry. But traditional testing methods have become too costly and impractical to keep up with business demands due to the increasingly complex web of hardware, software and services. By automating the building and testing of z/OS application code in isolated environments using virtualized services, the IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z helps significantly improve software quality while reducing delivery time and costs.

Break down silos by moving to an Agile team environment

Are you struggling to keep your global software teams on track? Have you reached a tipping point in how your distributed and mainframe development teams build, manage and report their progress on their daily tasks? Watch this short video to learn how the IBM collaborative application lifecycle management solution can help you take back control of your projects and teams by streamlining end-to-end multiplatform software development and delivery across System z, Power Systems and distributed platforms. Also checkout Island’s training program designed mainframe developers

Accelerate Mainframe Development

Is your organization facing a growing skills gap, resulting from a shrinking pool of experienced mainframe developers? Did you know that modern mainframe development tools can bridge your mainframe skills gap? These tools can improve developer productivity by up to 40% while also reducing training costs. Developers without mainframe skills can build multiplatform applications in a matter of days. Check it out.

Code optimization with the IBM XL compilers

This document introduces the most important capabilities of the IBM XL C/C++ and Fortran compilers for Power Systems, and describes the compiler options, source constructs, and techniques that you can use to maximize the performance of your applications.

Overview of the IBM XL C/C++ and XL Fortran compilers

This paper contains an overview of IBM XL C/C++ and Fortran compilers, outlining their history, unique capabilities and cross-platform support, including a summary of their current strategic advantages.

IBM XL C/C++ compilers

This document provides an overview of XL C/C++ compilers and how their features can help you with your C and C++ development needs.

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Video: DevOps for Enterprise Systems: Mission Impossible?

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Best practices for DevOps on
IBM System z

Discover how a DevOps approach to mainframe application development with continuous process improvement delivers more efficient and effective results.
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DevOps practices that are key to fast, high-quality software delivery

DevOps on IBM z Systems eGuide