Now more than ever, HR leaders make decisions about people and processes that determine the future success of their company. They are responsible for improving employee engagement but also need to understand what is going on in their organization so they can focus on the people and business issues that matter.

IBM Kenexa helps customers listen to their workforce through employee surveys. By listening to what matters and taking the pulse of their organization on an annual and ad hoc basis, they are able to gain insights, mitigate risks, address hot spots, identify areas of opportunity and contribute to the overall success of the business. By using integrated analytics to drill down into survey results, organizations will build and execute action plans that move their business forward.

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IBM Kenexa offers tailored employee engagement solutions that will help you create a more engaged and productive workforce.

These solutions include:

  • IBM Kenexa Employee Voice – employee engagement survey

    IBM Kenexa Employee Voice

    Helps you listen to your employee voice, analyze what you are hearing, and continuously apply those insights to drive your business forward.

  • IBM Kenexa Survey Enterprise – employee engagement

    IBM Kenexa Survey Enterprise

    Helps you discover what engages your workforce most by uncovering key employee insights and identifying focus areas and strategies.

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