If your organization is like most, you have a diverse mix of endpoints connecting to your corporate network: desktops, laptops, servers, POS, kiosks, mobile devices and more. Yet only a handful of these devices run on the same platform.

As IT budgets continue to shrink and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, managing and securing these endpoints can be a daunting task.

With IBM BigFix, you can find, track and address the challenges associated with the diverse mix of endpoints and operating systems on your network – in minutes. This endpoint lifecycle management solution features:

  • Scalability with a single-server, single-console design managing up to 250,000 endpoints.
  • Reduced patching cycles from days or weeks to minutes with a more than 99 percent first-pass success rate.
  • Streamlined asset discovery and software distribution for multiple operating systems.

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IBM BigFix helps reduce the cost, risk and complexity of managing your devices.

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