IBM® data quality management solutions help you continuously monitor and analyze data quality to reduce errors and resolve inconsistencies.

With IBM, you can standardize data across your organization using metadata, a common vocabulary and rules-based analysis. The solutions also help you maintain data lineage by tracing information back to the original sources for greater trust in your data assets.

IBM data quality management software helps verify that your data is:

IBM data quality management solutions help you cleanse, standardize and build trusted data.

Featured products

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server for Data Quality
Cleanse data and monitor data quality, turning data into trusted information.

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IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration
Transform data in any style and deliver it to any system, providing faster time to value.

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog
Establish a standardized approach to discovering your IT assets and defining a common business language.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition
Integrate, understand, govern, create, maintain, transform and deliver quality data.

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management
Manage master data for single or multiple domains to improve application and business process effectiveness.

InfoSphere Information Server provides a resilient, reliable, high-performance platform for mission-critical data. InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality is the foundation for successful data quality and governance initiatives, helping derive optimal value from the complex, heterogeneous information spread across systems.

Data quality capabilities are essential to the success of critical enterprise initiatives like:

  • Build confidence in big data and data warehouses

    Confidence in big data for analytics
    Take charge of complex, convoluted and conflicting data, and deliver consolidated, consistent and current information to your data warehouse.

  • Improve operations by consolidating and retiring applications

    Application consolidation and retirement
    Consolidate multiple instances of enterprise applications. Retire outdated applications and archive old data to reduce risk and costs. Enhance application quality and improve compliance.

InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality V11.3 enables data quality that is sustainable over time because of ease of use and flexibility.

New features increase the awareness of data quality across the organization, raising the priority and ease of maintaining data quality.

Key enhancements that enable sustainable data quality include:

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