IBM storage software helps organizations manage growing volumes of primary and backup data effectively, with more confidence. Meet your application availability and performance requirements at a significantly lower total cost.

Get more value from your data with IBM storage software:

Data Management and Storage Management – Improve visibility, control and automation for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud storage environments.

Data Protection and Data Recovery – Have more confidence that all your data is protected, with capabilities to support software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments, core applications and remote facilities.

IBM data management and storage management solutions deliver the functions of IBM Spectrum Control™, a member of the IBM Spectrum Storage™ family.

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Featured Storage Software Resources

ITG Management Report: Cost/Benefit Analysis of IBM Virtual Storage Center Compared to EMC Storage Virtualization Solutions
Find out why the total cost of ownership of IBM Virtual Storage Center is 72 percent less.

Edison Group: Streamline Data Protection with IBM TSM Operations Center
Go beyond focusing simply on backup and recovery.

Data. Cloud. Insights.
IBM Storage Insights is coming soon to a cloud near you.

Tivoli Storage Manager Operation Center – A First Look
See how the TSM interface enables consolidation, intuitive problem resolution and integrated team collaboration.

Analyst Reports

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances

See how vendors compare in protecting your most valuable business asset – your data.

The Business Value of Modernizing VMware Backups (MP4, 00:02:52)

Summary of ESG Lab Validation Report on Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments.

Hybrid Cloud Backup Delivers More for Less (PDF, 555KB)

ESG Technology Brief discusses the increasing importance of a hybrid approach – combining on-premise and cloud capabilities.

IBM Enhances Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1 with Key New Features

IDC paper examines IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1 and FlashCopy Manager 4.1 data protection and recovery solutions.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of IBM Virtual Storage Center Compared to EMC Storage Virtualization Solutions (PDF, 789KB)

ITG Executive Brief documents why total cost of ownership of storage averages 72 percent less with IBM VSC than EMC storage virtualization.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of IBM Virtual Storage Center Compared to VMware Tools for Storage Virtualization and Management (PDF, 893KB)

ITG Executive Brief documents why total cost of ownership of storage averages 35 percent less with IBM VSC than VMware storage tools

Software Defined Storage – The Missing Link for Cloud and the Software Defined Datacenter (PDF, 958KB)

Discover the advantages of storage virtualization for cloud and achieve more ROI from current and future cloud deployments.

IBM Storage with OpenStack Brings Simplicity and Robustness to Cloud (PDF, 443KB)

ESG white paper summarizes OpenStack integration in IBM Storage Solutions

Case Studies

LPL Financial Enables High Availability Cloud Storage with IBM (Livestream, 00:10:16)

LPL Financial VP describes cloud storage, live from Executive Edge2013.

Ricoh Americas Corp Manages Explosive Data Growth with IBM Storage (YouTube, 00:04:13)

Ricoh Americas explains how IBM storage virtualization addresses their resource challenges, meets storage goals and yet stays within budget.

Protecting Data, the DNA of Today's Business (YouTube, 00:02:17)

Tectrade uses Tivoli Storage Manager to protect over 20,000 systems and 70 petabytes of data.

Caris Life Sciences rapidly deploys IBM high-performance computing solution (YouTube, 00:03:40)

IBM solution helps to meet growing needs for managing high-performance analytics and storage.

IBM helps CERN as data demand explodes (YouTube, 00:04:03)

CERN uses IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software to store an ever-expanding universe of information.

Protecting Data, the DNA of Today's Business (YouTube, 00:02:17)

Cloud Service Provider Tectrade uses Tivoli Storage Manager to protect over 20,000 systems and over 70 petabytes of data.

Storage Management Solutions Help Manage Patient Data Availability (YouTube, 00:03:01)

Kindred Healthcare manages back-up and recovery while lowering costs of delivery patient care.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center data backup success reaches 98.7% with IBM Rural, not-for-profit medical center finds a cure with hybrid cloud data protection (YouTube, 00:01:35)

Rural, not-for-profit medical center finds a cure with hybrid cloud data protection.

TriDatumSolutions: Efficiently Transforming Data Protection & Data Management Infrastructures (YouTube, 00:11:34)

CTO shares approach to improving data protection and storage efficiency.

UNUM Uses Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (YouTube, 00:02:41)

Learn how UNUM reduces the risk of data loss for 650 Windows and Linux VMs with TSM for VE.

How IBM Tivoli Storage Solutions Save IBM Money

Solutions enable data protection, improved capacity utilization and cost optimization.


What if your enterprise could save $50 million over the next five years? (PDF, 1.00MB)

IBM Virtual Storage Center can help increase capacity, reduce costs and optimize data management.

What if your midsize organization could save up to $700K over 5 years on storage? (PDF, 1.00MB)

Learn how to build a business case to begin a storage optimization project.

IBM Data Protection and Recovery solutions can save up to 38% in backup infrastructure costs (PDF, 3.9MB)

Discover why Tivoli Storage Manager costs less to operate than other backup software.

A simple, scalable and efficient approach to backup and recovery (PDF, 1.8MB)

Explosive data growth continues to increase the need for simple, efficient and scalable data protection.

Data Sheets

IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center (PDF, 789KB)

Efficient storage and data management for cloud, virtual and software-defined storage environments.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Entry and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery Entry (PDF, 597KB)

Learn about advanced data protection solutions for small and midsize organizations.

Migration Engine from Butterfly Software (PDF, 946KB)

Fully realize your data backup and recovery cost with this totally automated application.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager family (PDF, 533KB)

Protect data on systems of all sizes – from a single point of control.

IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager (PDF, 777KB)

Reduce the risk of data loss with integrated snapshot management.

Solution Brief

Managing and protecting valuable data in midsized organizations (PDF, 547KB)

Discover solutions with a low entry price, flexible licensing options and access to advanced features for critical data.

Meeting demands for high availability with advanced data protection(PDF, 720KB)

Learn how IBM can deliver scalable, cost-effective storage solutions for today’s always-on world.

Protect critical data in VMware environments (PDF, 979KB)

Get comprehensive data protection capabilities, integrated directly into VMware tools.

The new era of hybrid cloud data protection

Hybrid cloud data protection solutions can reduce complexity without sacrificing performance.


Data. Cloud. Insights. (YouTube, 00:01:47)

IBM Storage Insights is coming soon to a cloud near you.

Overcoming the Data Challenge (YouTube, 00:01:14)

Vicom and IBM help mid-size organizations manage and protect their most valuable data.

Protecting and Managing Data at the Speed of Business (YouTube, 00:01:47)

Dynamix and IBM help IT staff take on new workloads with reliable data protection solutions.

Efficiently Delivering Comprehensive Data Protection with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (YouTube, 00:02:45)

Key Information Systems recommends Tivoli Storage Manager as the preferred data protection platform.

Using Predictive Analytics to Enhance Storage Performance & Service Delivery (YouTube, 00:10:30)

Apply analytics for better storage performance, data center operations and service delivery.

Front-safe Shares Key Insights for Turning Your Data Protection Infrastructure into a Cloud (YouTube, 00:16:43)

Learn best practices for rapid, successful “on-boarding” of new cloud backup users.

Tivoli storage Manager Operation Center – A first look (YouTube, 00:04:25)

See how backup administration can improve simplicity, scalability and backup quality.

3 Killer Apps for Virtualized Storage (YouTube, 00:03:56)

Reduce users' storage costs and standardize advanced data protection capability.


Eliminate the Barriers to Your Cloud Adoption

IDC, Loyola University of Maryland, CAS Severn and IBM discuss cloud storage issues.

ESG Lab Validation Report: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments

Review of tests performed to assess data protection for VMware and Hyper-V environment.

Unlock the Power of Your Storage with IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center 5.2

Reduce per unit storage costs by up to 50 percent and free up your IT budget.

Software Defined Storage - Why Storage Matters for Cloud

Torsten Volk of Enterprise Management Associates discusses achieving improved ROI from cloud deployments.

Smarter Data Protection for Your Evolving Business

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System uses Tivoli Storage Manager for reliable data protection and recovery.

Data in the World of Hybrid Clouds

Discover how Cloud provider Cobalt Iron delivers backup services with better performance at a lower total cost.

White Papers

Ten ways to save money with IBM data protection

Learn how IBM data protection solutions can modernize infrastructure and save money.

IBM Redbook: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager as a Data Protection Solution

IBM provides a comprehensive solution for data protection and data recovery.

IBM Redbook: Data Protection for VMware Solution Design Considerations

Find out how to deploy a robust data protection solution for Virtual Machines.

The business value of improved backup and recovery (PDF, 1.4MB)

The IBM Butterfly Analysis Engine uses empirical data to support better business results.

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