IBM® database management software helps you manage data across multiple workloads, while lowering administration, storage, development and server costs. Learn how IBM can reduce the cost and complexity of managing your data, improve business agility and leverage your company's core asset—your data.

IBM database management software helps you:

IBM database management software serves data to applications with reliability, scalability, compatibility, speed and security.

Featured products

  • IBM® DB2®

    IBM® DB2®

    Provide speed and continuous availability of data to keep transactional and analytical workflows operating at top efficiency.

  • IBM Cloudant®

    IBM Cloudant®

    Create a private, public or hybrid cloud database management system, and change it seamlessly with the needs of your business.

  • IBM IMS™

    IBM IMS™

    Gain advanced capabilities for managing and distributing data, at the highest levels of availability, performance, security and scalability.

  • informix

    IBM Informix®

    Bring intelligence to edge devices for local decision making and seamless integration with cloud and backend analytics.

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