There’s a new way of valuing data today. Whether the data is social or mobile, whether it’s on premises or on the cloud, the key to the value of data isn’t its size or quantity or speed or complexity; it is its use. Data isn’t a natural resource to be hoarded; it’s an asset to be used.

It’s time for a new approach to make data more accessible. IBM data refinement, integration and governance solutions put the use of data front and center, helping organizations derive more value from their data. No matter how you plan to use information—preparing it for its intended use or protecting it from misuse—you can now do it consistently and in compliance with organizational and governmental guidelines.

Featured data refinement, integration and governance solutions

Data integration provides a central platform to transform data in any style and deliver it to any systems.

Data lifecycle management manages business information throughout its lifecycle, from requirements through retirement.

Data quality management creates high-quality data to reduce incorrect or inconsistent information, and then continuously monitors and analyzes it to verify that it stays that way.

Data security and privacy increases the security, privacy and integrity of enterprise data, wherever it resides.

Master data management creates a centrally managed, single view of master data entities, such as customers and products, to improve application and business process effectiveness.

Metadata and policy management helps you to discover relationships among data items and to maintain data definitions collaboratively across business and technical teams.

Featured data refinement, integration and governance offers

IBM data refinement, integration and governance products help organizations overcome data challenges and create a source of trusted information to drive better decisions.

Featured products

IBM® DataWorks™

Provides a lightweight, cloud-based set of data refinement and access services, and makes fit-for-purpose data more quickly and easily available to everyone across the enterprise.

IBM InfoSphere® DataStage®

Integrates data on demand across many systems through a high performance parallel framework, extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity.

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

Creates trusted views of master data—customers, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, accounts and more—for improving applications and business processes.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition

Provides information integration solutions to support trusted and governed information.

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication

Integrates information across heterogeneous data stores in near real time.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium®

Provides a robust solution to verify the privacy and integrity of trusted information in your data center.

IBM InfoSphere Optim™

Manages data from requirements to retirement; boosts performance, empowers collaboration and improves governance across applications, databases and platforms.

All products - Data integration and governance

Technology solutions, customized for your environment, can enable you to address your specific business requirements. IBM data refinement, integration and governance solutions help you unlock the value of your information assets so you can deliver greater value to the business.

  • Confidence in big data for analytics to help you take charge of complex, convoluted and conflicting data, and deliver consolidated, consistent and current information to your data warehouse.
  • Enhanced 360-degree view of customers allows you to build and manage a single view of customers, products and other domains by incorporating data from diverse sources and delivering accurate and timely information.
  • Application consolidation and retirement that consolidates multiple instances of enterprise applications. Retire outdated applications and archive old data to reduce risk and costs. Enhance application quality and improve compliance.
  • Data security and privacy to protect your enterprise data, improve data integrity and security, and reduce compliance costs.
  • Information governance for all data allows you to take a holistic approach to managing, improving and using information. Improve analytics, insight and decision-making for the enterprise.

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