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Understand your customers with customer analytics

Customer analytics help organizations understand their customers better in context at varying touch points so they can fully engage customers in more meaningful ways. As a key enabler to continuous customer engagement, customer analytics help satisfy today’s empowered customers who are connected, have easier access to information and possess high expectations. This approach transcends the traditional silos of marketing, commerce and service and delivers an integrated customer experience that exceeds customer expectations, regardless of the customer’s interaction method.

The increasing role of digital channels has created new opportunities and complexities in understanding customers. Understanding customers holistically requires combining digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics. With customer analytics, brands can better understand and engage individual customers with scalable and actionable insight.

The IBM ExperienceOne customer analytics solution helps organizations to:

The IBM customer analytics solution enables customer understanding in context, at varying touch points and throughout a lifetime of interactions and purpose-oriented journeys. Organizations can combine customer understanding with omni-channel engagement to drive higher conversion rates, improve customer experience with personalization, increase loyalty, reduce struggle and resolve problems more quickly.

IBM customer analytics delivers a holistic, deep understanding of your customer in context, at varying touch points and throughout a lifetime of interactions and purpose-oriented journeys. Customer understanding is integral to continuous customer engagement and goes beyond the traditional silos of marketing, sales and service to power engagement, delight customers and deliver superior customer experience.

Customer analytics solutions from IBM can help your organization:

IBM customer analytics leads a new era of integrated customer analytics that aligns information about the customer in context to form a consistent and holistic experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Featured products

Tealeaf CX

Capture, manage and maintain a thorough data store of online customer interactions.

Tealeaf CX Mobile

Capture, replay and understand the experiences of customers who access web properties from mobile devices.

IBM Digital Analytics

Gain insight into how visitors journey through your digital properties across time and devices.

Tealeaf cxLifecycle

Combine quantitative, qualitative and behavioral data to derive customer experience insights and conversions across single and multiple buying cycles.

Predictive Customer Intelligence

Predict individual customer behavior and deliver near real-time personalized recommendations across channels.

Social Media Analytics

Unlock the value of social media sentiment to anticipate customer needs, identify key influencers and manage your brand’s online reputation.

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