Digital channels have given customers unprecedented access to information nearly anytime and anywhere.

IBM customer analytics solutions help create personalized experiences that engage your customers in more meaningful ways. These solutions provide a holistic view of the customer using digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics in a way that helps you win more business and drive loyalty.

Featured customer analytics solutions

IBM customer analytics solutions use digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics to engage your customers:

  • Customer experience analytics

    Customer experience analytics

    Gain deep insight into your customers’ experience, what and why it's happening and how important it is to your business.

  • Customer insights

    Customer insights

    Use smart data discovery to get answers and insights about your customers, all on your own.

IBM customer analytics solutions use digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics to create personalized experiences.

Featured customer analytics products

  • IBM Digital Analytics

    IBM Digital Analytics

    Gain insight into how visitors journey through your digital properties across time and devices.

  • IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

    IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

    Predict individual customer behavior and deliver near real-time personalized recommendations across channels.

  • IBM Watson™ Analytics

    IBM Watson™ Analytics

    Take control of your own analysis using automated data preparation, predictive analytics, reporting, dashboards, visualization and collaboration capabilities.

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IBM has years of experience working with a wide range of organizations to help them achieve their business goals. Based on this experience, IBM has identified common business scenarios that are remarkably consistent across industries. These include similar patterns for acquiring customers, delivering superior experiences and providing delightful service.

IBM customer analytics solutions provide tools to meet these common business objectives in nearly any industry.

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Acquire the right customers

Businesses need to acquire new customers—particularly high-value customers. They need insight into which marketing tactics are most effective in customer acquisition. IBM® Digital Analytics provides marketing attribution insights, benchmarks and near real-time analytics to help turn behavioral insight into targeted, automated digital marketing action.

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Deliver a superior experience in digital and mobile channels

In today’s digital and mobile marketing environment, companies must gain deep insights into customer behaviors and experiences to enrich customer engagement, reduce struggle and prevent churn. IBM Tealeaf® CX and IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile solutions provide extensive visibility into customers’ online and mobile experiences and insight into customer behaviors within web browsers and applications to support e-commerce, marketing, customer service and other areas.

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Optimize the customer journey

Companies need to understand how customers engage with them over time, across various channels and devices—often interacting through multiple channels and touch points for a single transaction. IBM Digital Analytics Lifecycle enables online marketers to track and understand how customers progress through long-term conversion lifecycles. This helps marketers shorten digital sales cycles, reduce cart abandonment and better understand the impact of marketing campaigns on single and repeat buying cycles.

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Serve and delight customers

Online self-service allows organizations to provide convenient service to customers and employees while reducing the cost of each interaction. Self-service must be part of a multi-channel strategy that provides the entire organization with tools to quickly analyze and address customer issues. IBM Tealeaf cxReveal packages the core functionality of the Tealeaf CX platform—session replay and search—into an intuitive user interface for use by customer service representatives, sales associates and marketing personnel.

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Reduce fraud and customer disputes

As more business is done through digital channels, it’s critical to document transactions with web and mobile sites—even if they took place months or years ago. The capabilities that help you improve customer experience can also be used to resolve customer disputes, investigate fraud, and streamline audit and compliance efforts. IBM Tealeaf cxVerify preserves a record of online customer interactions on a website or mobile device, providing a thorough, accurate snapshot of customer sessions to maintain a permanent record of customer online interactions and transactions.

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