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Systems and software engineering solutions for product and systems development

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Continuous engineering is an enterprise capability for accelerating the delivery of increasingly sophisticated and connected products. Engineers are able to better manage dependencies and respond to change more flexibly and quickly throughout the lifecycle, while controlling costs, quality and potential risks.

Systems engineering and software engineering are key elements of continuous engineering that provide the foundation for product and systems development. IBM® Rational® solutions for systems and software engineering offer the agility to develop products and product lines in an open, connected continuous engineering environment.

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Requirements management

Workflow, change and configuration management

Quality management and testing

Reporting, analytics and document generation

Featured continuous engineering products

  • Rational Team Concert

    Rational Team Concert

    A collaborative environment for agile and formal planning, work item management, project tracking and source code and build management,

  • Rational Quality Manager

    Rational Quality Manager

    Collaborative hub for business-driven software and systems quality across virtually any platform and type of testing.

  • Rational Focal Point

    Rational Focal Point

    Market and business-driven product management to help you make the right decisions to deliver business, customer, and market value.

  • Rational ClearCase

    Rational ClearCase

    Comprehensive software configuration management for any size project.

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Video: What is continuous engineering? (Youtube, 00:01:53)

Video: What is continuous engineering? (00:01:53)

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