Content management and imaging

Content management and imaging for automated content
and report management

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management.Make smarter ECM decisions with this ECM vendor report. Download the report. Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management.Make smarter ECM decisions with this ECM vendor report. Download the report.

Content management and imaging helps companies meet strict content management requirements to help control content, automate content-related processes and govern how customer data is handled and by whom. These content management tools can turn complex structured and unstructured content into competitive advantage — even as content grows exponentially.

Content management and imaging solutions from IBM can capture, store, manage, integrate and deliver various forms of content throughout your enterprise. These tools can help reduce costs associated with content management and help organizations deliver improved customer service.

Get serious about going paperless. Finally commit your organization to the elimination of touching, shipping and storing paper. When you can effectively transform paper documents into digital data, you gain more control over cost, compliance and customer service.

Provide the right information at the right time to make the right decision. When you can rapidly and accurately extract data from transactional documents, quickly understand its relevance, and direct it to the people and processes that need it, your organization can achieve intelligent process automation for increased customer engagement. With mobile capture, you can enable your organization to capture the right information at the right time, eliminating processing delays and reducing turnaround times.

Eliminate the information silos that have grown up over time. Today’s organizations struggle with the real problem of information trapped in data and process silos across the enterprise, which is only accelerating with increased mobile, social and cloud infrastructures. Content management and imaging solutions can connect content across multichannel inputs, such as mobile, MFPs, e-mail and fax, and multiple repositories and business systems to provide a single view of content in context.

Success stories

Dow Jones & Company

IBM Datacap Taskmaster improves productivity and customer satisfaction

Union Bank

Union Bank increases responsiveness and reduces costs by eliminating manual processes

BII Maybank

BII Maybank implements data capture to reduce account opening process time by 60 percent


Tejon Ranch

Tejon Ranch efficiently manages widely diverse operations using IBM Case Manager

The ability to intelligently capture and manage documents determines how successful an organization will be at managing costs, delivering competitive products and services, and engaging with customers.

IBM offers a collection of platforms and solutions for best-in-class document capture, document imaging, enterprise report management and enterprise content repositories

Featured products

  • Content Manager

    Content Manager

    Manages content across multiple platforms, databases and applications.

  • Content Manager OnDemand

    Content Manager OnDemand

    Captures computer output and archive documents for enterprise report management.

  • Datacap


    Automates input of data from documents to reduce cost and accelerate document process efficiencies.

  • Daeja ViewONE Professional

    Daeja ViewONE Professional

    Delivers modular, extensible and powerful document and image viewing

Product demos

Introducing Production Imaging Edition

Production Imaging for an organization that wants to cut costs, improve productivity and enhance customer engagement.

TechTalk - IBM Capture at IOD

Datacap Taskmaster Capture version 8.1 live from IBM's Information On Demand 2012.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand Software Demonstration

The leading report management and bill presentment solution in action in a short demonstration.

Enterprise Capture

Enterprise capture software helps reduce the cost and complexity of business process across organizations.

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