Connectivity and application integration

Integration across applications, data and processes
for mobile and cloud

IBM® connectivity and application integration solutions deliver access to data, applications and information regardless of platform, device or data formats—across both on-premises and cloud environments.

IBM connectivity and application solutions help:

Featured connectivity and application integration solutions

IBM connectivity and application integration solutions help you connect and integrate applications, data and processes for both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

APIs and hybrid cloud integration

Connect, integrate and securely manage cloud-based and on-premises applications and data.

B2B integration

Synchronize information flows with the external business community to drive growth and improve performance.

Integration foundation

Enable fast, flexible connectivity with adapters and applications for service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Managed file transfer

Enforce governance of data transfers critical to synchronizing systems, businesses and people across extended value chains.


Connect and integrate devices, data and applications inside and outside of your organization to help improve business outcomes.

Featured offers

IBM Multi-Enterprise Relationship Management

Transform your B2B community with faster, simpler onboarding, management and collaboration.

Deliver application integration in days

Discover a rapid, flexible and simple approach to connect your enterprise and cloud applications.

Integrated messaging to connect your enterprise

Read how IBM MQ helps you exchange information and integrate applications and mobile devices.

APIs for Dummies

Read the e-book and learn how APIs can help you address business challenges.

IBM connectivity and application integration solutions help you connect and integrate applications, data and processes for both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Featured Products

Sterling B2B Integrator

Enables the secure integration of complex B2B processes with diverse partner communities.

IBM API Management

Create, assemble, manage, secure and socialize web application programming interfaces (API).

IBM DataPower Gateway

Provides a security and integration platform for mobile, cloud, API, web, SOA and B2B workloads.

IBM Integration Bus

Offers Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) integration foundation for universal connectivity and transformation.


Provides a universal messaging backbone to transport messages and data inside and outside your organization.

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Download popular Connectivity, Integration and SOA software:

  • WebSphere MQ

    Evaluate WebSphere MQ for 90 days to connect your applications securely and reliably through a Messaging backbone that connects everything from the mainframe to the mobile enterprise.

  • IBM Message Sight Developer Edition

    A virtual appliance that enables developers to get started quickly, coding and testing applications to work with IBM MessageSight.

  • WebSphere Cast Iron Web API

    Evaluate this easy-to-use SaaS for creating, socializing and managing new web APIs.

  • IBM Integration Bus for Developers

    Download this fully licensed product at no cost to evaluate its functionality, including the built-in test client for auto-generating test data or for importing your own to view all or individual test results.

  • WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security

    Evaluate this component of WebSphere MQ for delivering end-to-end, message-level security, including flexible security services with centralized security policy administration.

  • IBM Domino and IBM iNotes

    Download this full featured trial for 90 days to evaluate its collaboration capabilities, deployable as a core email and enterprise scheduling infrastructure, as a business application platform, or both.

  • WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

    Download this no-charge evaluation to experience the service registry and repository functions for your service-oriented architecture (SOA) enterprise applications.

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SOA Design Principals for Dummies

Grasp the fundamentals of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) quickly for vendor-neutral IT integration.

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Discover the driving forces, business impacts and powerful solutions.

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