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IBM's integrated cloud and data center optimization solutions help IT operations teams effectively manage increasingly complex, hybrid environments and accelerate cloud services delivery. They do this through advanced automation, performance management and orchestration capabilities.

These solutions assist IT operations:

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13 Private Cloud Vendors Compared: The Customer Perspective

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Services-Oriented Cloud: The IBM Approach

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Simplify data center management with cloud orchestration

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Increase Business Value with Cloud Technology


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This whitepaper discusses how IBM delivers open-platform, multi-hypervisor cloud. Learn more about migrating environments to the cloud and managing business-critical services.

This IDC whitepaper discusses how cloud orchestration solutions are helping IT operations teams manage complex computing environments.

This whitepaper presents the benefits of using IBM cloud and virtualization solutions to help boost availability, tighten security and reduce costs.

This whitepaper discusses how customers can realize the full potential of virtualization to deliver quality services while helping to control costs and manage risk.

This Forrester report details how customers are adopting cloud computing and the benefits of service management to optimize data centers.

Analyst reports:

This IDC report reviews IBM’s cloud announcements at Pulse, and IBM’s commitment to open standards by integrating OpenStack and other open technology in strategic IBM cloud offerings.

This EMA Report discusses the key players in the cloud marketplace and IBM’s position as a leader providing a spectrum of private cloud solutions for the data center.

This EMA research report examines how enterprises across industries have implemented private cloud technologies to deliver business value.

Case studies:

This case study demonstrates how IBM cloud solutions helped Citigroup slash server provisioning times from 45 days to less than 20 minutes, and speed development cycles.

This case study demonstrates how deploying IBM SmartCloud Provisioning helped Dutch Cloud reduce its administrative workload by 70 percent, and triple revenue twice in six months without an increase in operational costs.

This case study discusses how IBM hardware, software and storage technologies can be leveraged with SLTN to provide breakthrough cloud services.

This case study demonstrates how Data Balance felt empowered to make changes to their environments and cut labor costs by an impressive 60 percent, with employees saving between 35 and 40 hours every month.

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