Organizations today lack reliable, end-to-end information concerning business operations and transactions even though they generate a tremendous amount of data. This data is of little value to the business if they cannot extract intelligent information from it. Thus, the data must be converted into meaningful information that is presented in customizable, role-based dashboards, with the means to act on alerts and problem areas.

IBM business activity monitoring provides end-to-end visibility while transactions are in process. It correlates individual transactions and provides custom dashboards that quickly and clearly present the information to business users. This solution also enables measurement of processes by setting and monitoring key performance indicators, resulting in improved business operations.

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IBM Business activity monitoring products enable business users make smarter, informed decisions, improve operations and capitalize more quickly on new opportunities.

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IBM Business Monitor provides detailed business activity monitoring to help improve business agility.

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IBM Business Monitor enabling business agility through real-time process visibility

Learn how IBM Business Monitor provides customizable dashboards that deliver near real-time visibility into operations and transactions.

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