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Analytics that deliver timely insights and agile decisions

Transform data into value and make smarter, quicker decisions with IBM business intelligence solutions. Adding built-in intelligence to self-service, these solutions easily amplify and embed insight into everyday actions to help you move from reactive to proactive decision-making. The range of analytics capabilities are available, on premises and on cloud. The full range of self-service and managed platform capabilities scales as you grow, addressing your current and future business intelligence (BI) needs.

Business intelligence (BI) capabilities are foundational to successfully running and growing a business. IBM offers BI products to meet the analytics needs of the individual user, workgroups and large organizations. Extending BI solutions with advanced analytics expands our understanding of the past and the present with a forward-looking view to shape decisions. When planning, forecasting and scorecarding capabilities are combined with BI, organizations can improve the management and achievement of their performance objectives.

Featured products

  • Cognos Analytics

    IBM Cognos Analytics

    Provides production reports, self-service dashboards, trusted data and a secure environment for desktop or mobile use, available on premises or on cloud.

  • Cognos TM1

    IBM Cognos TM1®

    Helps transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting.

  • IBM Cognos Express

    IBM Cognos Express®

    Provides enterprise-class reporting, analysis, visualisation, scorecards and dashboards, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities for workgroups, business units and midsize businesses.

Smarter self-service

Guided experience promotes independence.

Business users want to reduce their dependence on technical experts. They want the freedom to access and combine relevant data whenever the need arises. A single, seamless and intuitive user experience that lets them personalize content, and quickly create ad hoc dashboards and reports is what they have always wanted. All this is possible - Cognos Analytics delivers on this promise by using built in intelligence to guide navigate, interact and create content.

How to get started:

Analytics self-service assessment


Managed reports and dashboards

Align people, track performance and act accordingly.

Use business intelligence to increase productivity and align people, track performance and determine the best course of action. With BI all types of reports including pixel perfect production reports, simple lists and dashboards and can be authored once based on any combination of data sources and shared. Empower your organization with the necessary information – when, where and how it is needed with personalization and a platform that shares information easily.

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Forward-looking business intelligence

Know the past, understand the present, and shape the future.

A complete view of all time horizons – the past, present and future – enables leading organizations to drive strategic thinking and anticipate outcomes, and improve performance. Using IBM SPSS® predictive analytics in conjunction with IBM Cognos Analytics you can include critical drivers in reports that identify patterns, trends and predictive scores. Forward looking business intelligence provides early identification of new opportunities across different industries including retail, manufacturing, and financial services.

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BI for big data

Big opportunities hidden in big data.

Big data and the internet of things offers opportunity for insight and innovation through the application of business intelligence and analytics. Analytics-based business intelligence derived from streams of structured and unstructured data - machine data, weather data, call center data, social media data - can expose new patterns and increase opportunity. Real-time insights can deliver competitive advantage and further competitive differentiation can come from infusing analytics throughout critical business processes.

How to get started:

Business intelligence customer resources

IBM offers a full range of customer support, training and certification, and services for Cognos and other Business Analytics customers.


Get world-class support for all your Cognos and Business Analytics products. Whether you're looking for supported product and software environments, product downloads or fixpack schedules, you’ll find everything you need.

Training and Certification

IBM offers a wide range of software education options to suit your role, your preferred learning format—and your schedule. Cognos courses are offered through public or onsite classroom training, computer based training, or instructor-led online courses. Standard and customized training programs are designed to match your unique requirements.


Put your organization on the road to business analytics success with the Customer Success Lifecycle. Customer Success Lifecycle outlines a recurring set of high-level phases and activities, spread over a typical strategic timeframe that supports your journey to analytics and solution success. Learn more about Business Intelligence services.

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More than 23,000 leading companies and organizations around the world choose Cognos software. Learn how Cognos software is helping organization drive better results. Search by product, customer, industry and date in the customer success database.

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