B2C commerce

Build a superior B2C brand experience across multiple channels


Creating a superior B2C brand experience requires the ability to engage shoppers across channels with personalized content and offers that are optimized for web, mobile and tablet delivery—complete with convenience and choice in order fulfillment.

IBM B2C commerce solutions help you achieve success using one B2C commerce platform that allows you to:


IBM B2C commerce solutions transform the customer journey by helping you better understand customer intent and take action based on customer behavior. It combines demand and inventory capabilities to improve the customer promise.

IBM B2C solutions provide flexible consumption models to meet the needs of your business—with choice in deployment, localization and pricing. Our B2C commerce solutions are available in the cloud to help you get started quickly and accelerate revenue growth.

Featured B2C commerce products

  • IBM® WebSphere Commerce

    IBM® WebSphere® Commerce

    Deliver a seamless, cross-channel shopping experience through personalized and contextually relevant content and extend your brand across customer touchpoints.

  • IBM Sterling Order Management

    IBM Sterling Order Management

    Orchestrate selling and order fulfillment processes across a dynamic business network of customers, suppliers and partners.

  • IBM Commerce on Cloud

    IBM Commerce on Cloud

    Achieve revenue faster with an extensive cloud-based commerce solution.

  • IBM Commerce Insights

    IBM Commerce Insights

    Deliver powerful analytics to give business users actionable insight in a single integrated view.

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