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IBM® Sterling B2B Integration automates business processes shared with trading partners. This integration can automate the full “buy-sell-ship-pay” process that involves a range of documents, transactions and business processes. These capabilities include not just the buyer or seller of the goods or services, but also banks and third-party logistics companies. The solution automates these processes and provides visibility into data and processes shared with external entities.

What we offer

  • B2B Cloud Services

    B2B Cloud Services

    IBM® Sterling B2B Cloud Services can rapidly build companies’ partner communities with security-rich connections using B2B cloud solutions. Along with IBM expert services, B2B cloud services can help organizations manage B2B operations that drive growth, accelerate ROI and improve control.

  • B2B Gateway and Transformation Engines

    B2B Gateway and Transformation Engines

    IBM® Sterling B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines enable agile B2B process integration through orchestration, translation and security-rich routing between internal systems and diverse partner communities. They help organizations to empower growth, adapt to changing business and technology environments and increase value-chain efficiency.

  • Financial Operations

    Financial Operations

    IBM Financial Operations is an integrated transaction processing engine for near real-time payment processing to improve transparency, risk and compliance.

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