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IBM® Sterling B2B Integration automates business processes shared with trading partners. The goal is automation of the complete “buy-sell-ship-pay” process that involves a range of documents and business processes, which include not just the buyer or seller of the goods/services, but also banks and third party logistics companies. The solution automates these processes and provides visibility into data and processes shared with external entities.

What we offer

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    B2B Cloud Services

    IBM® Sterling B2B Cloud Services securely connect ,and rapidly build companies’ partner communities using B2B cloud solutions--along with our expert services--to manage B2B operations that drive growth, accelerate ROI, and gain greater control.

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    B2B Gateway & Transformation Engines

    IBM® Sterling B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines enable agile B2B process integration through orchestration, translation and secure routing between internal systems and diverse partner communities to empower growth, adapt to changing business and technology environments and increase value chain efficiency.

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    B2B Process Applications

    IBM® Sterling B2B Process Applications are pre-defined, pre-packaged solutions that accelerate the implementation of B2B business processes with external partners to simplify IT complexity, increase competitive advantage, and reduce risk.

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