IBM® B2B integration solutions address the collaboration challenges of a diverse B2B community with a comprehensive set of business-to-business integration capabilities.

B2B integration supports:

  • B2B Cloud Services – to gain efficiency and effectiveness across your business processes by utilizing the Sterling Collaboration Network and enable faster time to revenue when you modernize to the cloud.
  • B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines – for modernizing B2B capabilities while consolidating on a single B2B integration platform, eliminating the need to operate separate platforms for EDI vs. file transfer vs. message-based integration patterns.

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Featured B2B integration offers

Typical benefits of deploying IBM business-to-business integration solutions include faster cycle times, lower cost of operations, improving time-to-revenue from trading partner relationships, and minimizing risk and compliance.

Featured products

IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services

A B2B Cloud Services offering that provides automated, cloud-based transformation of business documents, for any data, any format or any protocol.

IBM Sterling Community Development Services

A B2B Cloud Services offering that helps to onboard partners faster and automate document exchange quicker.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

A B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines offering that integrates your critical B2B processes, transactions and relationships.

IBM Transformation Extender

A B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines offering that provides document processing for healthcare and supply chain EDI standards.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager

A Financial operations offering that helps organizations process, monitor, track and report on financial payments and transactions.

IBM Payments Gateway

An IBM Retail Payments offering that provides a cloud consumer payments acceptance solution for merchants, billers and acquiring banks.

IBM has identified many reasons why companies need to consider modernizing their business-to-business integration solution. The following are some examples:

IBM offers industry-leading, business-to-business integration features that allow companies to configure them to satisfy their operational requirements. Some examples include:

  • Process automation with external partners - Improve operational efficiency by seamlessly automating and extending internal IT and business processes to external partners.
  • Real-time visibility across IT and business processes - Without visibility, there is no way to identify and mitigate disruptions to operational problems.
  • Knowledgeable B2B resources - Managed services take responsibility for part or all of your B2B operations, leveraging the economies of scale of a shared platform.

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