Application security


Application security protects against the threat of attacks and data breaches

Organizations increasingly rely on software applications to power their mission-critical business initiatives. As such, application security must be a core competency of your organization’s security strategy.

IBM X-Force® research consistently reveals that a significant percentage of security vulnerabilities pertain to web and mobile applications. To address application security challenges effectively, organizations need to test software and applications across their entire portfolio. And to reduce security costs, testing and verification need to happen as early as possible.

IBM is positioned as a leader in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing.

Our application security solutions can help your organization:

  • IBM AppScan Trial

    IBM Security AppScan Trial

    Try a full-featured, trial version of IBM Security AppScan for an evaluation period

  • Webcast

    The Forrester Wave: Application Security, Q4 2104

    IBM positioned as a leader.

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What We Offer

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IBM application security solutions provide preemptive protection to enhance mobile and web application security, protect applications from malicious use and harden them against future failure.

What we offer:


AppScan Enterprise

AppScan Source

AppScan Standard

Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for AppScan Source

Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions

Demos and Videos

  • IBM Security AppScan

    Protect your organization's mobile and Web-based applications

    Watch (00:02:15)

  • How to protect sensitive business data and mitigate the risk of mobile malware

    How to protect sensitive business data and mitigate the risk of mobile malware

    Watch (00:02:43)

  • IBM Application Security Solutions: Build Security into Your Web and Mobile Application

    IBM Application Security Solutions: Build Security into Your Web and Mobile Applications

    Watch (00:02:06)

Whitepapers & eBooks

  • IBM

    Protect people, processes and technology from web application threats

    Evaluate your existing security measures to prevent security breaches.

  • IBM

    Five critical steps to achieving an effective application security program

    Detailed steps to improve application security throughout your development lifecycle.

  • 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

    2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

    IBM positioned in leaders quadrant

  • IBM

    Ensuring application security in mobile device environments

    Identify and prevent vulnerabilities in mobile applications

  • IBM

    Understanding Application Security and Enterprise Applications

    Protecting new and legacy applications

  • IBM

    Glassbox Testing

    Enhancing every aspect of blackbox testing

  • IBM

    Breaking down silos of protection: An integrated approach to managing application security

    Integrate risk-based application security management into your daily operations.

  • IBM

    What can you do differently to guard against threats from rapidly evolving mobile malware?

    Best practices to reduce mobile security threats in your organization.

  • IBM

    Designing a strategy for comprehensive web protection

    Best practices for web application security

  • IBM

    Secure Web Applications: Creating a Security Culture

    Making security an integral component of the application development process

  • IBM

    Five Steps to Effective Application Security

    Making security a priority

References and Case Studies

  • IBM

    West Virginia University cuts risks by an average of 60 percent

    Protecting Sensitive Student Data Using IBM Security AppScan

  • IBM


    Scaling application vulnerability management across a large enterprise


  • Level Up Your Mobile Application Security Program

    Featuring IBM and Forrester Research

  • Webcast

    Pinpointing Vulnerabilities in Android Applications

    Protect Your Organization’s Data with Mobile Dynamic Application Security Testing

  • Webcast

    Five steps to achieve success in your application security program

    Protecting sensitive data and protecting against threats

  • Webcast

    Mobile Apps. The Danger of Making Security an Afterthought

    Extending security to mobile applications

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IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly – 1Q 2015

Learn how designer vulns and made-to-order malware showed the cracks in the foundation of the internet

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