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Enterprise development activities require large, multi-disciplinary teams. Keeping everyone on the same page and in synch with the latest status requires real-time collaboration, making the right information available to engineers and developers across geographic and organizational boundaries – when they need it.

IBM Rational Team Concert provides workflow support with a platform for repeatable process support, helping teams deploy best practices for agile and for many industry standards. This collaborative software delivery platform allows development and operations teams to work together effectively, leveraging skills across multiple development languages and operating systems, including z/OS, Linux on z, IBM i, AIX and Power Linux.

Rational Team Concert helps teams collaborate across multiple platforms for faster software delivery by:

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Rational Team Concert provides an all-in-one agile development environment for lean, collaborative lifecycle management and for coordinating build, deploy, and test execution.

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Improve productivity with advanced source control

Implementing Rational Team Concert software gives you a single solution for managing projects in mainframe and distributed environments with the speed and agility required to deliver results in the global marketplace.

Set up a Jazz Build Engine to run an Ant script

Learn how to set up an IBM Rational Team Concert main build that performs an IBM Rational Developer for System z code review. Apply the tested, documented sample described in this article to implement a similar solution on your own platform. The steps focus on the Rational Team Concert administrator who sets up a Jazz build engine to run an Ant script.

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