Multi-platform development

Simplifying multi-platform development across hardware and programming environments

The modern Eclipse-based IBM multi-platform development environment helps to accelerate application development across mainframe, mid-range (including POWER8™) and distributed environments, resulting in faster time to customer value.

This multi-platform environment features modern graphical user interfaces that can integrate with older tools including TSO/ISPF or PDM/SEU. This integrated development environment (IDE) provides a common view of tiered applications that support multiple platforms, languages and technologies and is well integrated with IBM collaborative application lifecycle management tools for even greater productivity.

Featured products

  • Rational Developer for System z and zEnterprise System

    Rational Developer for System z and zEnterprise System
    Accelerates the development of CICS, IMS, DB2, and WAS applications while helping make multi-platform application development faster, more efficient, and less expensive.

  • Rational Developer for AIX and Linux C/C++ Edition

    Rational Developer for AIX and Linux C/C++ Edition
    Integrates development tools that support development of C and C++ applications for IBM AIX® or Linux® on IBM Power Systems™ hardware, as well as support for the x86 Linux infrastructure for subsequent porting to Power systems.

  • Rational Team Concert

    Rational Team Concert
    Provides a unified and collaborative multiplatform team infrastructure, including support for z Systems, IBM Power Systems™ and distributed systems to help streamline the entire application development and deployment life cycle across all operating environments.

  • Rational Application Developer

    Rational Application Developer
    Optimizes development for IBM middleware, helping Java developers rapidly design, develop, assemble, test, profile and deploy high quality Java/Java EE ™, Portal, Web/Web 2.0, OSGi, Web services and SOA applications.

  • Rational Developer for AIX and Linux AIX COBOL Edition

    Rational Developer for AIX and Linux AIX COBOL Edition
    Integrates development tools for creating and maintaining COBOL applications that run on IBM AIX, including a subset of Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software capabilities.

  • Rational Developer for i

    Rational Developer for i
    Integrates development tools for IBM i for RPG and COBOL application development.

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Featured resources

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