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  A smarter planet starts with smarter products
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Deliver smarter, more competitive products and systems

Today's products and systems – from medical devices to cars to smart power grids – are becoming more intelligent and interconnected. To keep pace and stay competitive you need the ability to not only make your products smarter – you need to do so cost efficiently, quickly and with low risk. IBM Software solutions for product and embedded systems development provide a complete, collaborative systems and embedded software engineering solution to help you deliver high quality products and embedded systems together with the embedded software that powers them, on time and with reduced risk. They include requirements management; systems architecture design and modeling; collaboration, planning and change management; test and quality management; and product line engineering.

Related capabilities

Systems engineering

Coordinate multiple engineering disciplines to develop complex products and systems.

Systems of systems engineering

Connect multiple products and services into systems of systems to deliver exponentially increased value.

Real-time and embedded software development

Collaborate across development organizations and the software development lifecycle to deliver innovative, differentiating functionality through software.

Product line engineering

Accelerate and automate the design, development and delivery of portfolios of similar products with variations in features and functions.

Turning innovative ideas into smart products and systems

Efficiently develop complex products and systems by managing requirements, modeling complexity, automating collaboration and ensuring quality.

Featured solutions

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Related products

  • Rational Focal Point

    Evaluate investment scenarios to align product, project, and application portfolio decisions with the overall business value.

  • Rational Rhapsody

    Validate requirements, develop architectures and design real-time and embedded software using visual modeling

  • Rational Team Concert

    Provides agile and formal planning, source code management, work item management, build management, and project health.

  • Rational Quality Manager

    Optimize quality through collaborative planning, automated testing, and defect management.

  • Rational DOORS

    Solicit, engineer, document and trace requirements throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Rational ClearCase

    Comprehensive software configuration management for any size project.

  • Rational Test Workbench

    Comprehensive test automation for complex and highly integrated applications

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