Data security and privacy

Mitigate security risk and lower compliance costs

IBM data security and privacy solutions protect diverse data types across different locations throughout the enterprise. They protect structured and unstructured data in both production and non-production (development, test and training) environments.

With IBM data security and privacy solutions, organizations can meet security, legal and compliance requirements while reducing complexity.

IBM data security and privacy solutions help you to:

Discover how your organization can proactively manage the security of your data systems with these data security and privacy solutions from IBM.

Featured products

IBM® InfoSphere® Data Privacy for Hadoop

Provides a set of Hadoop capabilities to mask or redact data, monitor and audit data activity and maintain common data definitions.

IBM InfoSphere Data Privacy and Security for Data Warehousing

Provides a set of capabilities to mask or redact data, monitor and audit data activity and maintain sensitive data definitions within select data warehousing environments.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium® Data Activity Monitor

Prevents unauthorized data access, alerts on changes or leaks to help verify data integrity, automates compliance controls and protects against internal and external threats.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Express Activity Monitor for Databases

Enables you to address foundational requirements for database security and compliance. It also provides a platform for enterprise-level data activity monitoring.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

Scans database infrastructures to detect vulnerabilities, and suggests remedial actions.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption

Provides encryption capabilities to help you safeguard structured and unstructured data and comply with industry and regulatory requirements.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Redaction

Protects sensitive data in documents, forms and files from unintentional disclosure by detecting and removing the data from the document version openly shared.

IBM InfoSphere Optim™ Data Privacy

De-identifies confidential data on demand throughout the enterprise, including big data platforms. It masks data statically or dynamically in applications, databases and reports across production and nonproduction environments.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS Databases

Provides encryption for IBM DB2® for IBM z/OS® and IBM IMS™ data systems. It uses IBM System z® cryptographic hardware to protect sensitive data at the DB2 row level and IMS segment level.

IBM InfoSphere data security and privacy capabilities help organizations address several critical requirements for protecting data, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Protect data, improve data integrity, mitigate the risk of breaches, and reduce compliance costs.

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