Stream computing

Business insight in real time from rapidly changing data in motion

IBM stream computing solutions enable organizations to perform in-motion analytics on fast moving data to create enhanced and more accurate cognitive and analytic systems. With instant insight into data in motion, such as machine learning, text analytics and geospatial analysis, you can react to events as they happen and make faster, better decisions.

Stream computing solutions can provide:

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The Swan of All Fears

Learn how InfoSphere Streams can predict, prevent and take action against a security threat. Get the right level of protection to safeguard your enterprise. That's the real nature of analytics.

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I Cod Help Falling in Love

Whether it’s analyzing codfish in love or analyzing business cogs in motion, IBM InfoSphere Streams delivers predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize performance, resource utilization and capacity. That's the real nature of analytics.

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Dances with Rhinos

Through geospatial positioning, wildlife protection agencies use InfoSphere Streams to predict animal migration patterns and where the patterns cross human activity. The same predictive analytics also allows retailers to engage customers, monitor their preferences and prevent the competition from swooping in and stealing them away. That's the real nature of analytics.

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Stream computing software from IBM

IBM® InfoSphere Streams is an advanced computing platform to ingest and analyze data in motion and simplify the development of streaming applications.

Featured stream computing products

IBM® InfoSphere® Streams
Allows user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze and correlate information as it arrives from thousands of near real-time sources.

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  • Ventana Research 2013 Technology Innovation Awards

    Ventana Research 2013 Technology Innovation Awards

    InfoSphere Streams wins the IT Innovation Award for Operational Intelligence.

  • IBM InfoSphere Streams

    IBM InfoSphere Streams

    Real-time analytic processing for actionable insight.

  • IBM InfoSphere Streams

    Redefining Real Time Analytics

    Provides breakthrough technologies that enables aggressive production and management of information and knowledge from relevant data.

  • InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition

    InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition

    Download and use InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition in your non-production environment. No time limit, no data limit and experiment with your own use cases.

  • Streams and Apache Storm

    Streams and Apache Storm

    Learn how InfoSphere Streams delivers superior performance and lowers total cost of ownership compared to Storm

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